Am Back

Hey all i just got back. Ok i said i wasn't gona post about my trip or take pics and tell you guys what happened day to day, cause honestly i need a brake oo wanted to relax. Bs i had to share ishwaya weyakoom ishwaya.

Ok il 9aaaaaar ihnak should of happened 6 or 7 years agoo mo tawa, weanii 3an hel mokan, my gooooooood mo 9ij the island is soooooooo amazing, the ba7ar, the food, the clubs, the ppl, wooow wooooooooow woooooooooow. It was a freaking blast i really had fun there, i really went at the right time, cause with the stress of work and how the weather here was really bad, thank god i went.
You know cause of all the shitty things that has happened the few months ago i reach a point where i was like bs khala9 i think i need to get married, but noooooooow hahahahahahaha no no noooo nooooooo yimkin after 3 years, cause i need to go there in the next 2 years. 



zuz said...

welx back sab3a:D, nothing's up all down:/

3aliya said...

what's up sha so2al akeed isogaf or the sky!!;p haha!!;p il7imdillah 3asalama!!;p

Anonymous said...

Il 7mdillah 3asalamah :D

Glad 2hear that u had fun n enjoyed ur time !

Good 4u ;)

N thanx 4 sharing with us ur experience ;D

Welcome baaaaaaaaaack !!

Anonymous said...

7mdla 3al salama
Just from the two pictures I could tell it's an amazing place.
Funny how men think though, just from visiting a beautiful place it makes them reluctant to get married:/ lol

Ruby Woo said...

Why get married al7een anyways? You're two young. Wait till you're 30!

Welcome back :)

S E 7 E N said...

zuz & 3aliya : hahahaha thanx both

Anonymous : thanx :) allah isalmich

questionq8 : allah isalmich ... yes cause if u get married u can't go alone she wants to go to ;) no freedom hehehehe

Ruby Woo : hmmmmmm suppose i am ???

dp said...

Get married to a greek chick, problem solved!

S E 7 E N said...

dp : get married ??????? why ?? no no like this a7san

Cooookies said...

where that place ?

I need a break :/ shaklee baroo7 ham oo bathreb 3al zawaj :P

Lulwa said...

looks temting :)
glad that u had fun ,7emdellah 3ala elsalamah

P.S: hey ,women can travel u know :P

peace out

S E 7 E N said...

Cooookies : hehehehe thats Mykonos in Greece ... go go cause i went and tharabi6 3an il zawaj hehe so go.

Lulwa : thaaaaank you .. and yes it is a fun place to go to ... women yah i know ?? who said anything about them not traveling