Future house

Lately all my married friends are building and designing their new houses, every day someone takes me to his house and shows me how hes building it and where are things gona or be, like the living room, dinning table, bed rooms and play rooms for the kids. One of them also has a cinema room in his house with the lazy chairs and the popcorn machine and the cool paintings on the wall of cool actors like scarface, The God Father, and Rambo ( DON'T KNOW WHY RAMBO hehehe ).

Anyway it got me think of how or what will my future house will have UNTIL I GET MARRIED that is ...... so here are some pics of things i wanna get

Bsssss ... not gona show you the rest cause i wanna get them .. don't want you ppl copying me :)


On-The-Rocks said...

3asa yarzigik bint il 7alal inshalla, oo itsawwi your future house inshalla

foshyaa said...

alaah ewansoon yala enshala u build ur future house 3l design ele tabeeh wenshala telgaa bnt el7alal ele tes3edek

ana sara7a ma etkhayal baaity awal ma atzawaj kela atkhayal baity wana mara kebeeera 3yooza , atkhayal 3omre baaity 3l ba7ar o fee 7adega wasge elzar3 o fe 6awla 3la janab agra feha ketab lol ;p

Anonymous said...

that bookcase is amazing!

but everything else..the bed that looks like a prison, the sunchair that looks like a coffin...dude,i just hope your future wife has better taste than you hahaha!

zuz said...

ur taste is modern! its interesting enshallah the house will come true;p, but the bed sucks hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hehehe agree with desertpalms abt the bed n coffin look alike ;p

I like the book shelf though very much n even the pools n dining table n chairs !

S E 7 E N said...

On-The-Rocks : 7abeeeeeeeeeb wallah ;)

foshyaa : mashkoora :) .... 3ayooza, tasqeen il zara3 hehehehehhehehe ... inshallah laish la2

desertpalms : BETTER TASTE ??? dude you support ARSENAL and you say i have bad taste :P

zuz : modern 3ala weird stuff, allah kareem thanx :)

Anonymous : thats not a pool thats a bathtub .... yah the table looks niiiiiice

❛❛Heroine❜❜ said...

The future looks really uncomfortable..