19 years Ago

WooooooooW can you believe it in a few hours bi9eer 19 years since the invasion of Kuwait. I'm not gona make this long and boring, so lets all share our experiences of where were you that day ?? what did you do for 7 months, i know not you but as the family ??
Well for me .. i was with my family in our summer house in Switzerland, we have just got back from a road trip to Germany, and that morning i heard mama crying oo baba talking on the phone loudly. My family where all over the place some here in Kuwait, some in Spain, and some in London. I stayed there the whole 7 months actually more cause we came back to Kuwait on the 26th Jun 1991 ... i still remember that day when my uncle ( 3ami ) my 2nd dad came and picked us from the airport ... hehehe when we saw him he hugged me first before any of my brothers, and my baby brother was only 2 back then cried so much he wanted to go back home.

and akher shay i wana say allah yir7am sho7ada2na oo sho7ada2 il moslameen oo ifook quid all the Muslim POWS .. ameen ya rab il 3alameen ..


zuz said...

i was 3 years old:P hehe i mean 1:P, o we were in kuwait bas harreboni eb chees zbala;p le UAE becuz parents were in london o ra7aw UAE l2na magdraw edeshon kuwait:P

3aliya said...

i was in bahrain with my mom!!;p

desertpalms said...

we were actually in kuwait the whole time..both the iraqi & kuwaiti sides of the family stayed in kuwait..

perhaps a foolish decision since that meant hostility from both sides..

to a kuwaiti youre an iraqi

and to an iraqi youre a kuwaiti

el7amdela 3la kel 7al..ow ameen ya rab..

and can i just say thankyou for giving some little hope of human decency..after reading another post i felt sickened...=/

Dreamer;* said...

my whole family ra7aaw els3oudeya for the whole ghazou time ou my bro enwelaad there;p

Anonymous said...

ameen ya rab ;)

My family went to london and left me in kuwait because i was just a baby. While they were there sar ilghazo and they were trying every way possible to see me. Ana knt ga3da ma3a 3amiti. After qsa 6weeeeela oboy rad ilq8 and our WHOLE family went to see him including baby me. Oboy was like shlonkom zainen?zainen? yala zain WAIN BNTYY!! hehehe.
I dont tell stories very well do i?
inshalla likwait dooom ib 5air;)

Ruby Woo said...

I was 2 years old so I don't remember much bas after seeing home videos o my moms stories, we were already in switzerland for the summer when it happened. As kids we were enjoying our times cause no school and we were all in switzerland o we were 3adi more than 30 kids. I never had the "'ghazo" feeling cause I was a kid and I was having fun with other kids.

Bas after seeing videos of us there, 7aram lama ta7arerat likwait, ALL the parents kataw noon 3alaina. Ohma bil balcony, we7na ta7at in the garden o all the parents i6iloon from their balconies we7athfoon wiyabiboon.

Anonymous said...

i was young oo kina ibamerica fa ma7ashni.. bs same drama when we came back with the all the reunions with our family. anyways bs ta3lee8 i9geer arent u a little old to say baba and mama? i mean i dont use it and im young and im a GIRL, madre i guess im not used to hearing guys using that ;)

Lulwa said...

I was like 6 yrs old

We just came back 2 q8 from our summer vacation in Turkey, two days b4 el '3azzo :(

2 months l8r we hit the road 2 Saudi then 2 UAE

sad memories :'(

Anonymous said...

Its "shohada2na" mo "sho7ada2na"