Am Back

Hey all i just got back. Ok i said i wasn't gona post about my trip or take pics and tell you guys what happened day to day, cause honestly i need a brake oo wanted to relax. Bs i had to share ishwaya weyakoom ishwaya.

Ok il 9aaaaaar ihnak should of happened 6 or 7 years agoo mo tawa, weanii 3an hel mokan, my gooooooood mo 9ij the island is soooooooo amazing, the ba7ar, the food, the clubs, the ppl, wooow wooooooooow woooooooooow. It was a freaking blast i really had fun there, i really went at the right time, cause with the stress of work and how the weather here was really bad, thank god i went.
You know cause of all the shitty things that has happened the few months ago i reach a point where i was like bs khala9 i think i need to get married, but noooooooow hahahahahahaha no no noooo nooooooo yimkin after 3 years, cause i need to go there in the next 2 years. 


Am Out Of Here

For the past week and a half i have been feeling really down, nothing much just felt bored and lazy. Haven't been doing anything much either at work or bum out at home all day, eating and sleeping. weekend fine ba7ar but still i was like eeeeeeeeeeee3 need to do something. Wanted to go to London, but all the hotels where fully booked oo mako mokan to stay, found 1 or 2 but yaaah for a week its was like 1300 pounds thats aloot so i didn't go. Whats making it even worse is, nooooooo 1 is here all my friends, my parents, even my brothers are all out of the country so all alone oo it sucks. Oh well not until a few days ago when my brother called me from Lebanon and told me hey do you wanna come with us to Mykonos ?? i was like HELLLLLLLLLLL YAH, so guess what am leaving tooooooooooooooonight woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo :). 2 issues thou ... hehehe i get into Athens at 6am, oo am on the waiting list on the 12pm flight if not i have to wait for the 6pm one that sucks, 2nd issue if i get in any1 of them am gona be alone for the first night till all the guys come on the 24. Bsssssssss fog hatha i do not care am getting out of here and thats the best.

anyway am gona be out for week, and this time i won't be updating about my trip hehehe, anyway hope you enjoy it where ever you are :)


Vertu's latest addition to their Ascent Ti range is the Carbon Fiber collection which features includes four phones. The first is the Carbon Fiber Limited Edition phone features a carbon fiber sides, battery cover and a sapphire pillow with carbon fiber underneath. The only one thousand of the Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fiber Limited Edition phones will be made and come with a pouch with carbon fiber accents. The other phones in the collection are the Carbon Fiber Grip phones which feature carbon fiber grips on the side and the regular titanium bodies of the standard Ascent Ti with a sapphire pillow featuring carbon fiber underneath and special carbon fiber look leather. The Grip phones are available in plain carbon fiber, carbon fiber and aluminum and carbon fiber and copper variations and come with matching cases.

The Ascent Ti Damascus Steel is the latest Ascent Ti and is made using century old steel forging techniques. The Damascus Steel Ascent Ti is made using an ancient steel forging method which consists of continuous folding and hammer-forging to improve the strength and hardness of the metal. This method was used to create blades including the Japanese Samurai, Franconian and Indian Wootz swords during different periods of time in history. The Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel features a swirl design which has been etched by hand meaning every phone is unique. Only one hundred will be made with only one of each going to the worlds most important Vertu stores.



Zonda have released a roadster version of their Zonda Cinque supercar which is in turn a street legal version of their Zonda R track car. The carbon fiber titanium monocoque chassis has been redesigned in order to maintain rigidity without a fixed roof. The Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster is powered by a Mercedes AMG V12 engine outputting six hundred and seventy one horsepower giving it a top speed of three hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. As the name suggests only five Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster’s will be made.


My friend just showed me this video is sooooo amaaaaaaaaaazing, but the secret is DO NOT WATCH IT. ok ok ok you gona say huh ishyabi hatha 7a6 a video oo doesn't want us to watch it, hehehe. Ok play it for the first time, but close your eyes and listen and imagine what sounds they are making, then the second time watch them. Its Amaaaaaaaaaaazing

enjoy :)

Future house

Lately all my married friends are building and designing their new houses, every day someone takes me to his house and shows me how hes building it and where are things gona or be, like the living room, dinning table, bed rooms and play rooms for the kids. One of them also has a cinema room in his house with the lazy chairs and the popcorn machine and the cool paintings on the wall of cool actors like scarface, The God Father, and Rambo ( DON'T KNOW WHY RAMBO hehehe ).

Anyway it got me think of how or what will my future house will have UNTIL I GET MARRIED that is ...... so here are some pics of things i wanna get

Bsssss ... not gona show you the rest cause i wanna get them .. don't want you ppl copying me :)

His Name is Wonho Chung

OK AN UPDATE ON THIS POST BEFORE YOU READ IT: I was just told by my cousin that this guy is old news and every1 already knows about him hes part of THE AXIS OF EVIL. yah yah yah i guess am too old to know this ...... any how enjoy the video

Last night i was watching tv with my friends, and the tv was on oo they where watch showtime, the guys where facing the tv, i had my back towards it cause i was talking to the guys, oo really didn't give the tv any attention. Anyway on tv i was hearing a Lebanese guy talking about something and i really didn't care about wat, then 1 of the guys said S E 7 E N have you ever seen this guy on tv ??? i turned around and watched ... MY JAW almost fell to the ground ... i could believe what i was watching and hearing ........ NO NO NO you ppl have to watch this then you'll understand how i felt ..... some of you have already seen this guy on showtime, but for those that haven't ......... here watch him on youtube.

Watches For You




Cabestan Winch Tourbillon