My friend just showed me this video is sooooo amaaaaaaaaaazing, but the secret is DO NOT WATCH IT. ok ok ok you gona say huh ishyabi hatha 7a6 a video oo doesn't want us to watch it, hehehe. Ok play it for the first time, but close your eyes and listen and imagine what sounds they are making, then the second time watch them. Its Amaaaaaaaaaaazing

enjoy :)


nora said...

walla i tried closing my eyes but i couldnt resist;(

i only closed it on the part where they jumped, as a result, i jumped as well :)

zuz said...

se7en?:O is that u? nice template:D

Sunset said...

WOW Mashalla, falla :D

shoosha said...

chiini e7tarait

Ruby Woo said...


Ya7lailhom people are getting creative by the minute!

Mar8adoosh said...

wow lol 3abaly mu6ar

lail w bard w ra3d w re7 ;p

3aliya said...

WOOOOW!! YOUR BLOG...hehehe it really changed!!;p nicee

Anonymous said...

Loved it !! specially the thunder part!!


Anonymous said...


The thunder part was plain =O


Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

7awaalt ma gedart ;p Ellegaffa thba7atnee ;p

Thaanks! :)
And nice blog ;p

S E 7 E N said...

nora : waaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha sorry didn't mean to scare you

zuz : YuP me and the one and only, thanx a friend did it :)

Sunset : yah 7adha nice :)

Shoosha : e7taraity ?? why ?

Ruby Woo : YuP :)

Mar8adoosh : it is rain :)

3aliya : 7ada wow .... my blog seriously i had nothing to do with it .. a friend did it for me :) bs 7ilow 9a7?

cooookiez : yaaaaaaaaaah best part in it.

iSiLWB : it is amazing .

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy : hahaha i figured out some1 would be malgoof and open their eyes hehehe .. thanx :) thank my special friend