Well after my third attempt was the charm...

Yesterday: Yesterday i tried to make some brownies, but i failed twice, 1st time the sugar was low and the 2nd time the cocoa was too much oo it was bitter. Then i stopped cause i kind of finished the eggs and the butter ile bil bait.

Today : Well today i tried doing them again, and my i say BRAAAAAAAAVOOOOOO, they taste sooooooo freakingly goooooood, added more sugar, also added a few other stuff just to make it taste differently...

OHH WELL ITS FOR ME ...... YUM YUM ... and no, not gona give anyone sum :))))))

and tonight am invited over a friends house oo am gona cook my special burgers ... YUM YUM

Ferrari F450

As much as i like cars and i do call my self a Gear Head ... i was never a Ferrari fan, Ya3ni ... the 360, 430, 612, 456 those are bad Ferrari's..... really bad from looks to handling to performance. Well now there is a new one coming out in 2010 its gona be called the F450.
this Ferrari is rumored to have a higher power output than the 520-hp F430 Scuderia. The F450 will use the same double-clutch gearbox from the California, and double-up with the envisaged 4.5-liter V8.

that's all i could find about this car ... anyway here are some of the pics that are going around the net, not sure if this is how the car is gona look like but most reviews say thats the look.



This is gona be a short post ... got back from work today at 10pm .... My boss zafni galy don't come to work tomorrow ... take a day off oo SLEEEEEEEEEEEP get some freaking rest ... anyway so am gona sleeep all day long bacher, sit and bum out at home .... cook something for lunch .. go out see my friends ... anyway.

CHEERS to you all :)

1, 2, 3, A B C D

Well, this is my third day off and am sitting in my room bored watching FATAFEAT, watching nice recipes oo writing them down so i can cook some of them late on, but in general am bored and i did everything on my to do list, went to that bank, payed my bills, bike ride, speeding with my car, slept, gym, etc etc .... Minkithir ma am bored i even called my boss ams telling him am coming to work today, he said not to, cause i have to rest oo also cause i have a loooong loooong week ahead of me starting sunday, till the point ile i don't have the time to even see my parents which am used to by now .... SO he told me to SLEEEP ALOT oo come back fresh on sunday .... SO can't wait till sunday :) <---- maynoon 9a7 ??

UPDATE : hahahaha .... min kither ma a7en ... just got a call 10 mints ago ...

Phone Rang : Hello
Person : SE7EN ... ha weanik ??
SE7EN: tawni wa9il il bait.
Person: Bike Ride ?
SE7EN: Yup saw the weather had to go out
Person: CooL ... btw bo flina just called we have to go into work bacher oo this weekend ... mako a7ed oo loads of work.
SE7EN: Sij ... till when ?
Person: Tuesday.
SE7EN: Cool See you tomorrow .. Bye :)


Well, am back !! ... I have been away for sometime now from my blog in case any one haven't noticed yet ... cause i have been going to work for 12 straight days, didn't even have the 3 day long weekend off. Its been hectic and tiring but when the day is over and you see what you had accomplished you feel happy. Well i have the rest of the week off :) HA HA HA yah when all you guys go to work, school, etc ana bakoon nayiiiiiim then to the gym then sleep then out then sleep then blog then sleep then bike ride .......

anyway for the past couple of days this song has been stuck in my head oo bss aghaniiha ..... don't know how to get it out of my head ..... so i will share it with you ppl .... it might get stuck in your hears too

Weird Shopping

I have a question to all you ppl ... Has any one of you ppl went out for coffee, lunch, dinner, to the gym, izwara and ending up walking to a shop and buy something expensive ?? for no reason what so ever ?? and when you walked out of the house you had no intention of buying anything or even shopping ??

Well i did today hehehe i got up early today morring ma3indy dawam il yoom makhith off ( to all ppl at work and school ) 7araaa am at home :P ... any way i went to the gym today oo after i was done on the way back home i stopped at a shop and i have been in that shop more than once the owners even know me by name and i was talking to salesmen about their new product and i asked them when will you be getting this THING and he said in APRIL inshalla and i was like what color he said black/white/red and i asked him ok what about this TYPE in BLACK he said hatha ib SEPT giltla ib chum he said BLAH KD .... aha ok here is my card take a deposit on it and i walked right out of the store ...... and now am sitting at home thinking whole shit i just bought this

Yah S E 7 E N real nice il 3alam ib economy crises oo you go out buying a new DUCATI for this much money ...... i just hope my dad won't kill me when he finds out :) .... anyway the good thing is it will get here in sept so i will have enough time to save up some money for it ...... WOOOOHOOO i just bought a SCARY bike :)

Own Lots Of Cars ?? Don't Worry

Some one e-mailed me this today. Its like the coolest garage i ever seen, 6a3ban beside the cars in the video which are like woooow, am talking about what ppl can do with little space in their houses and how creative they'd get. Enjoy it.

oh and alsooo am sooooo gona do this in my future house 7adaaa cool