I never liked the BENTLEY CONTINENTAL, its not a sports car nor its a luxury car. Its a Fat Rich Old Mans Car, who thinks hes driving a sport car. Well now Bentley just released a new version its called the SUPERSPORTS and this car yah I would buy and its fast and looks cooool. with W12 6.0 liter engine which is tuned up to 621 horsepower giving it a top speed of 329 KPH making it the fastest Bentley ever made, it is also has the first flex fuel Bentley which allows it to accept either traditional gasoline or bio fuel or a mixture of the two. it accelerates from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds). It will be Available worldwide from autumn 2009. prices are not released yet.

UPDATE, They are saying that its gona be around $250.000, ya3ni around 73.000 KD which is good for a BENTLEY, I thought it was gona be more than a 100.000 KD.


Beside my passion for speed/extreme sports/water sports ... cooking comes after them ... i love cooking so much, but i don't cook much 3ala il moshtahat .. if i felt like it and had time ... like other day i cooked a fish with mushrooms for my parents and it was realllly nice. Today i didn't have work so i decided to make bamiya marag for lunch, its my first time to do it and i wanna be honest with you all its not my recipe its some1 elses, i asked them to send me their moms recipe ... and i cooked it :) .....




hahaha my dad almost licked the Jider

TAGGED again

I was Tagged By The tag is a photo tag, and here are the rules:

(1) Find your fifth photo file folder and then the fifth photo in the file folder.
(2) Post the picture on your blog.
(3) Tag other five blogger to do the same.

So after i checked :

(1) I don't have a 5th photo file folder.

So I got you a picure from my 3rd file with and my 5th pic ...

the picture is my car sub woofer 3ala shakil NOS ... :) girls might not get it but guys think its cool :)

And I tag
1) FourMe
2) ..::Amu::..
3) On-The-Rocks
4) Lost b2amreeka.
5) Um-Manaf

Today when i was coming back home from work, on the traffic light near my house i saw a fight. Do ppl still do that yanzaloon bil shari3 oo itihawashoon ??? hahahahaha how lame and uncivilized are ppl getting in this country ??? and the funnier thing is half of the guys stopped in the middle of the road to try and stop the fight ..... akhaf bes mo ligafa ya3ni yanizal wa7ed ithnain to try and stop it mo 100, and block the roads ...

V WhaaaaaaaaT ???

I hate this day ... some ppl go crazy over it and some are miserable .... and i hate it even more cause ppl in Kuwait think its the only day of the year that you have to show your affection to your BF, GF, husband, wife, maid, driver, mother or father. Yah if you love some 1 youd have to show it every day of the year mo bs yoom wa7ed .. 10 years agoo ppl here wallah mayadroon shino ohwa only the ppl in privet schools had this day wala bagi il sha3ib mo dareen wean allah ga6hoom .... now if he/she didn't celebrated this day tingalib il dinya ......

If I Had the power i would change this day to FALAFEL DAY .... ppl would give out falafel sandwiches a7saaaaan lahoom min flowers oo teddy bears and all that crap ....

Alians hit Kuwait :P

Awal shay I wanna tell all my close readers thank you for all the nice comments on my last post ... I just wanna tell you all things are ok :) and am back to normal..

Ok back to my post .... this weekend bil shaleeh my friend told me he wanted to try out something with his camera ... the guy loves photography oo he read something about shutter speed ... 6aban he tried to explain it to me ana madree shino ga3id igool cause all I know about photography is a camera going CHI CHUK oo thats it. Anyway we went into a dark place bil shaleeh oo 7a6 camerta on a stool oo yab a flash light oo told me to stand still not to move an inch and then he started running around me ga3id agool ishfeeh hel khibil why is he running around me .... it only took 10 sec then he showed me the pic and this was the result ... I was amazed 7adhaaaaaaaa cooooool .... ohh and he wasn't in the pic don't ask me why don't ask me how .. if you people love photography you might know ... cause I have no idea where he went.

Out Of Order

First of all I wanna thank all my readers for trying to cheer me up or be funny so i can laugh, and also to those ppl that have tagged me. Seriously thanx and i love you all :**

2ndly : Am having a bit of a personal problem and inshalla i will try to solve it soon.

3rdly : i won't be blogging for a while cause honestly i don't feel like saying anything nor i have anything on my mind right now, But i will be reading what you guys are gona write but i won't comment ....

again love you all :**