His Name is Wonho Chung

OK AN UPDATE ON THIS POST BEFORE YOU READ IT: I was just told by my cousin that this guy is old news and every1 already knows about him hes part of THE AXIS OF EVIL. yah yah yah i guess am too old to know this ...... any how enjoy the video

Last night i was watching tv with my friends, and the tv was on oo they where watch showtime, the guys where facing the tv, i had my back towards it cause i was talking to the guys, oo really didn't give the tv any attention. Anyway on tv i was hearing a Lebanese guy talking about something and i really didn't care about wat, then 1 of the guys said S E 7 E N have you ever seen this guy on tv ??? i turned around and watched ... MY JAW almost fell to the ground ... i could believe what i was watching and hearing ........ NO NO NO you ppl have to watch this then you'll understand how i felt ..... some of you have already seen this guy on showtime, but for those that haven't ......... here watch him on youtube.


eleventhst said...

He's funny! It's hard to believe that voice is coming out of him!

nora said...

hehehe i remember once when i went to one of his shows, he was singing an arabic song backstage then when he came out, the whole audience went quiet

and the camera man was twirling around the people instead of him capturing our shoucked faces! haha

simply.me said...

this guy is helarious .. the first time i saw him i got shocked bl gww.. i coudlnt blv what am looking at
hes the best

Limited said...

lol I met him in JBR and he was talking in arabic to us ..

Roon said...

Yeah i Know him

Dude's Hilarious!

loved the Syrian Korean thing xD

Notice the sign language in Arabic is always aggressive xD

Navy Girl said...

WOW !! that guy is seriously funny and KNOWS how to talk !! WOW !!

CrazyCatQ8 said...

yal daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOOOOOL

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


that was awesome! =D

S E 7 E N said...

eleventhst : offfffff i couldn't believe it either

nora : i can imagine dude i was shocked ....... hahahahahaha

simply.me : his english jokes aren't funny ... bs his arabic is amaaazing

Limited : hehehe i would bring him to my mom hehehehe asawi feeha maqlab ..

Roon : yup he is

Navy Girl : hehehe 7adaaa

CrazyCatQ8 : min sijich ma shifty shay tawni hab bighniya yadeeda ba3ad isimha SIKAT SAFAR sam3at'ha ??

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : offffffffffff 7ada