Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, ok today i was really pisset oo tired from work, but later in diwaniya we where watching tv and this commercial came on I THINK IT MADE MY DAY , wahahahahahahahahahaha

Ohh ohh oo also il yoom TARAQAMAT :) ... ok ok it wasn't a girl, when i left diwaniya i found a card on my car saying IF I WAS INTERESTED IN SELLING MY CAR CALL BO-FLAN . . .

Have a nice weekend you all :)

Marina FM

Hmmmmmm Ok, like most of my readers know that I have been out of the country for almost 2 years, So when i got back 6ab3an ikhwani maga9arow fini 1/2 of my stuff has gone receiver, DVD player, DVDs, etc ... and 1 of the stuff that was gona was my work car that my dad sold, and got something new .... 6aba3an all my TAPES where gone fa mako shay asma3a on the way to/from work, So i have been listing to the radio. Il 9ibi7 asma3 LINDA the breakfast show on 99.7 ( BTW i still listen to 99.7 its the best ) anyway oo some times when i leave early i listen to 88.8. Know for the love of god would you ppl please PLEAAASE tell me you do not listen to the sakhafa and the malaqa they talk about in that program the DIWANIYA, or the askhaf mina IL MARASH ( AlllllllllllllllllllllllAH, Rashirish'haaaaaaaaaa ya waleedan ) wallaaaaaaaah i feel like driving into the 9aba on the side of the road when i listen to hatha il motheee3. Oh Oh Or the other dude MIKE IMBALTA3 ?????? whats up with his news leah heldaraga 9arow il nas sakhfeen ile they find this is funny ???? am sorry if i insolted any 1. I guess am just to old and am still vintage oo listen to 99.7, cause I can not bare the sakhafa they talk about .....



Ok last week I was watching CSI NY, and they where talking about Coincidences and one of the actress said a story about this subject. I don't know if its from real live or its just a script that the writes came up with, any how I will tell you the story, but at the same time i wish you'd ppl would share a Coincidence that has happened to you or have heard it from some where ... but plz share weird ones not " oh i was in South Africa and i walked into a store and saw my best closest friend ", no no that's 3adi it could happen to any 1. Let me tell you what i heard on CSI and you'll know what am talking about :)

There was this taxi driver with a passenger and the driver ran into a walking Indian man and killed him. One year later on the same day, the same taxi driver, with the same passenger ran into that Indian's brother and killed him too. how weird is that ???

So plz do share something as weird as that :)

Friday Ride

Today was a real beautiful day, the weather was nice warm the sun was out, so the first thing i did was call 1 of my co-works and asked if he wanted to go ridding today. Well we got together around 2ish ib starbucks bidi3, then 2 of his friends joined us for coffee, 1 of them is a really really old English dude and the guy is funny as hell. I think he is the 2nd Englishmen i met in my life that is funny, any how we sat there for 2 hours chit chatting then went out for our ride, and my god the amount of ppl in the country ile 9ar 3indahoom bikes, 2 years ago nader ma tilga a7ed that has a bike, now every 1 is ridding. After that i we went back to Bucks ... they sat i got tired went back home ..... It was a nice day ..... hope you ppl did something fun this weekend :)

enjoy the rest of you weekend



His real name is Ben Collins, Anyway if your a top gear fan and you really wanna know whos THE STIG read this [link]


Man how much i love my job, sij ta3ab oo araf oo il ti7al6im mala waly + I don't have regular working hours ... they say from 7:30 till 1:30 bs lal7een mashift'ha since i started working, but in the morning when i get up i reeeeeally look forward to work :)
I know its weird yimkin ana awal wa7ed you ppl hear that loves his job ...



I was tagged by lost b 2amreeka
so here goes

Favorite color: hmmm red & white .
Favorite getaway place: Bahrain, don't know why .
Favorite perfume (guys): Armani Code .
Favorite perfume (girls): Jivago .
Favorite pj brand: Don't have any .
Favorite clothes brand in general: hmmm Diesel, Abercrombie & Fitch .
Favorite country (not including your own): LOOOONDON, UK baby ;).
Favorite car: Hahahahahaha Yah right you mean CARS.
Favorite sport: FOOTBALL.
Favorite sport player: Beckham.
Favorite spot in Kuwait: Shaleeh.
Favorite animal: British Bull Dog.
Favorite movie: Bad Boys.
Favorite singer: 7amad Sinan.
Favorite day in the week: Well now a days Friday.
Favorite time of the day: Morning .
Favorite holiday season: hmmmmmm i would say summer.
Favorite number: 7 ..... what else .
Favorite food: Sushi.
Favorite chocolate: KitKat.
Favorite cartoon: Grindayzer.
Favorite blogger: ANA :P ... no no all of you guys :)


PLZ explain it to me ??

Ok .... Today i was reaaaaally down oo had so many things on my mind from work, home, my life, everything. So i desiced to go out by my self mo agizz or al7ag banat no i'd drive to shaleeh or even drive to jahra where ever my car takes me .... i'd crank the stereo up listen to techno, om kalthoom, 3adani what ever my ipod desides to play ...

anyway so today the weather looked nice oo a bit warm so i went out on my bike i really really needed sum time alone S E 7 E N time bs, oo i was riding from sahri3 il 7oob to salmiya to bidi3 and back 3ala shari3 il khaleeeej till i got home.

Ok my Question is ... i know that i have been out of the country for almost 2 years oo just got back, So plz would some1 explain it to me ...

Whats up with ppl driving while some1 sitting next to them with a laptop on browsing the net ???

la oo ga6eei6 wayhi ib some1s car the dude was on FB ??? hehehe ... shino ya3ni you'd take pics of the ppl oo upload them online ??? or telling ppl your status AHMED MOHAMED IS IN SHARI3 IL 7OOB .... SHIKHA MOHAMED IS IN SALMIYA .... what ?? do they think that they are sooo important or something ?? and girls/boys would die if they didn't know where they are ?? or what they'r doing ?

Or is it so important to have a laptop with you cause you have to check your world wide stocks cause the market is bad and you have to be on top of it all day long ??? I DON'T THINK SO cause min shaf sha3rik ma i3arif il as'hoom 7adik sooq il 7amam la oo ikhoob 3alik ba3ad <--- FYI it was some other dude online

what can't you ppl just wait till you get back home ?? then tell ever 1 in kuwait/world what you did with you life .... and also check what ever you want

please share with me tell me whats this new happa ??? sij alla i3afii zain ile sawat il E-go ...

Tundra/Ducati Transporter

I saw this truck on some1's blog some time ago but can't remember who it was. Anyway this is a Toyota Tundra/ Ducati truck, its a new partnership between the companies. This truck is designed to be the ultimate track-day transport.

The truck has a 5.7L V8 engine and a supercharger, which boosts the engine from 381 to 508hp and upping torque from 401 pounds-feet to 550 pounds-feet. It also has TRD's dual-exhaust kit custom-integrated into the truck's rear bumper. The cabin was inspired by a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

No price on it yet but am sure Ducati enthusiasts like my self would be very very interested in owning 1.


The date: 11 Jan 09.
The Place : Old Trafford.
The Area : Manchester.
The Country : UK

Yah baby today United won 3-0 vs. Chelsea, what a game what a game ..... the players where amazing, the fan where even better, the Gaffa magnificent, Ryan Giggs was outstanding, J.S.Park what a player what a player * CLAPPING* for all of them, the only bad part was the ref he was terribale. But who cares we showed those Chelskies WHO ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND AND EUROPE. Nice game really made my day.

I also have anothe pic but this is about me :)


Russell Peters

Ok this Guy just cracks me up soooooooooooooooo much to a point i once almost peed on my self min il tha7ik ..... His name is Russell Peters, hes an Indian stand up comedian from Canada am sure most of you ppl heard of him if not well here is clip from YouTube, the guy is funny. I choose the 1 about arabs cause i don't want any 1 to think that am racist or anything, and if u liked him you guys can watch the rest on YouTube


Before i never cared about the series [scrubs] and never downloaded it week by week to watch it, but if it came on MBC2 or any other channel i'd watch it I know its funny but if i missed it wasn't the end of the world. Well last summer i was really bored and there was nothing on tv or any new episodes except ENTOURAGE, so i started downloading [scrubs] from season 1 till 7. Well yesterday they aired season 8 episode 1 and 2. anyway if you are a [scrubs] fan enjoy it :)


Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The Show was back on .. oo ana mo dary this guy kills meeeeeeeee wahahahahahahhaha to all Football fans you might have came across is it, but season 2 started here is S02E01 and you watch the rest

Plastic Surgery

No No I didn't do any plastic surgery :P, but my bike did. I just got it back from the workshop FYI i love their services they pick up the bike from your house do what ever you ask them to then bring it back and pay in front of the house cash or K-net, Love Tri Star, any way here is the job that was done on my bike.


I changed the exhaust system, and the rear fender ... and the sound of the exhaust my god its better than any song that was ever sang. A sound not even Om Kalthoom had nor did Sinatra, or any one else i stayed 1/2 hour just revving it up and listening to the MUSIC that it makes.

Update : 1) Needs new tires 2) Short Racing Clutch / Brake Levers 3) Firm the suspensions


Well after ma dashait 3arth oo ga6e6it wayhi fee blog SPILL .... ĐǻñĎõøðñ TAGGED me about 10 Honest thing about me, I also asked AMU a Question that he still didn't answer btw, and in his blog he asked if any1 asks him a Q he gets tagged soooo here i am doing it. Am not gona say everything in detail, and if you wanna ask me a Q be my guest i will answer bi7dood il ma3qool, cause there are some stuff that ppl would love to keep to them selves and am 1 of them .... HERE GOES

1) I Smoke, Hate it wanna Quit but cant.
2) Am the eldest out of 4 brothers.
3) Before when i used to get pissed i used to shout, Now i don't eat, don't say a word, Then Speed in a car or a bike.
4) Hehehe i still read X-Men comic books :)
5) Thought all bloggers where geeks and had no life, until i started blogging and found how amazing it is and how cool ppl are .... Sorry to all :)
6) Sometimes i can be the nicest person on the face of the earth, and sometimes i become the biggest asshole ever
7) I have a job only 36 ppl in Kuwait do it.
8) I hate FaceBook, 9ar china hi5 so i closed it
9) Know every episode of FRIENDS and Boy Meets World, just tell me the beginning of the show and i will tell you the rest.
10) Don't know how to play any musical instrument.

A Year And A Half Later

Well the weekend is almost over, the holidays are coming to an end, and ppl are gona resume their normal life's, But to a certain person he will go back to a work after being away for the past year. YUP its S E 7 E N, I've been out of the country for the past year and half for a course that i was sent to. I kind of miss it and looking forward to it also, but i know myself in 2 weeks time i will start complaining and start saying how much i hate it and need a vacation. I also think i forgot the way to work too heheheheheh ....... anyhow enjoy the rest of you weekend :) and also have a great week :)

Ohh 1 more thing ... Am still not used to this Friday, Saturday weekend cause before i leave it was the regular weekend oo when i used to come back for a vacation it didn't really matter what day it was, but now have to start getting used to it ...