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Sad by Se7enQat


So, awal shay i wanna know do you call this a bike or a trike or what ever ppl wanna call it ... any way like you all know kuwait is derat il habbat, oo this seasons habba is the CAN AM spyder la mo ay habba, habbat the NEW BEES & WANNABEES that never rode a bike on the street just bil bar la oo just ATVs, so this is their solution to come on the roads and to be honest it is safe. It comes in two different models :
1) with a clutch and gears
2) Automatic

Well i rode the 1 with clutch and stuff, and am sorry to say but yah its a crappy wanna be bike trike what ever they call it. It costs 5500 KWD +/- and they sell them at al-ghanim marine, if any 1 is int rested

Ti7al6oom Saree3

Well i just got a call from ARAMEX telling me dear sir your stuff is held by the customs. 6ab3an I was asleep fa madree shino garag 3ala rasi, lama 9a79a7t i called them back, and was hey you guys called me about a package and stuff they where yes sir we did, So i spoke to the person who was really nice. I told him why is my stuff being held by the customs ?? he told me sir you have to pay tax ... and i was like aaaah what tax ???? those are my personal stuff that i had them shipped back from the states, my own personal used stuff that i bought from here, London, US. He told me i know sir i have the document in front of me, and i asked him so what now i have to pay tax for things i already payed for ??? he said yes and am sorry sir and they are demanding the receipts for us to clear it .... i told him what receipts ??? used old stuff min wean ba6ali3lik il receipts. Anyway this call went for a while till i got the name of the IDIOT bil customs ile held my stuff oo baroo7 ashoof NICE hathi awalha .

WELCOME BACK ... S E 7 E N, welcome back to the idiocy and strange routains, strange laws, and WA96AT


Just got back home and i have the LAG ... sooo i guess i will be sleeping backwards and getting up at the wrong time ............ alla i3eeni :(

By Bye United State Of AmericaLand

Champions League

Champions League: Last 16 draw

Chelsea VS Juventus

Villarreal VS Panathinaikos

Sporting Lisbon VS Bayern Munich

Atlético Madrid VS FC Porto

Lyon VS Barcelona

Real Madrid VS Liverpool

Arsenal VS AS Roma

Internazionale VS Manchester United

Friday morning's Champions League draw did the English clubs no favours with four intriguing Round of 16 ties.

True Love

Yup this is true love,
la 7anat marah, la 7anat i3yal.


Yaaaaaaaah Baby 7 more days to go



Well after I shipped my car back home and my roomate sold his car we had no choice but to rent a car. This is our 2003 SUZUKI something we call her il MABROOKA, cause for the past 2 weeks shaginaha shag mako mokan mari7na feeha, hehehehe maskeena. La oo when i called the rental place and i ask them if they had a car they said yes we have a suzuki something 2003 the color Champaign, I was ok. When got there wala this was the car i looked at it oo laughted champaign hehehehe madree ile yisma3 Ferrari goolow gold ila champaign ya3ni. Anyway so this is our Mabrooka, oh oh 2 days ago sarat IL MABROOKA IL 3OORA cause the right head light stoped working.


OK, so everyone here knows i love football, love everything about it, watching it and also playing it. But my real passion is Goalkeeping, I love good saves i love good goalie that will make it hard for a player to score on them, the likes of Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, Petr Cech and ME :). I love being a goalie don't know why ??? regular people like to be attackers, mid fielders and even defenders, but not me i just love being a goalkeeper.

Anyway 1 of the things that made me love being a goalie was watching Peter Schmeichel, what a goalkeeper he was nicknamed the GREAT DANE. He was the best goalkeeper of his time won alot when he used to play for Man United and Denmark, he was a captain a leader a winner, what a player. Since he retired Man United never got a goalie as good as he until Edwin Van Der Sar came along, but still no matter how good he is he's not Schmeichel.

Here is small video about Schmeichel.

The Last Person

WooooooH HoooooooW .... I think I'm the last person in Kuwait to buy an iPhone, ile 9aaar wayed qadeem that people got it and got bored of it and bought new phones. Well since last year I wanted to get 1 but I wasn't that interested in it and have no use for it, beside I'm a NOKIA freak I know everything about them and they are easy to use but from time to time I like to use the Sony Ericsson. Well now i was like ok barid il Kuwait so let me get 1 just to be like YEAH I HAVE AN IPHONE, anyway I went through eBay to buy one of those unlocked phones and I found 1 unlocked with a good price and bought it. Guess what happened ?? YUP got stiffed and the phone that I bought 7 other people bought hahahaha ... any way to make it short I claimed it on pay pal and will get the money in a month.

Last week I went looking for another 1 and found a legally unlocked in Australia and I bought it, of course 7a6 eedy 3ala galbi I don't want to get stiffed again. Anyway today I received it and I have been playing with it .... hehehehhe sij mo wayih iPhone after 2 hours I found out how to transfer my contacts from the sim to the phone ...... its a nice phone.

p.s. I am neeeeeeever going to buy anything from eBay .... I'm an AMAZON fan .... love that site god bless the person that created it.