Am baaaaaaaack, well am at home now ta3ban feni il noom. 6ab3an i wish i can talk all night long about my trip to Rome, but all am gona say AM SO GOING THERE AGAIN ... and if no 1 has been there i suggest they do 4 days bs and try to stay in a place called HOTEL DE RUSSI. anyway not gona talk alot i will just post some pics for you ;)


hahahahahahahahahhaha ok so we lost ... not a big deal .... PPL COME PPL GO BUT UNITED WILL ALWAYS BE THERE ....... its ok next year .... am not gona be an ARSENAL or a LIVERPOOL fan and say ohhh we played better and we deserve to win, or the ref did this and that .... no am a UNITED FREAK .... tonight we played badly and the GAFFA made couple of wrong decisions, but inshalla next year .... anyway ma boga shay 1 day left for me here .... for the rest of my trip pic will be posted lama arid cause hehehe i forgot my camera's usb ... and the pic have been taken from my BB

enjoy ... and good night ;)


Well day too is over going to bed now .... today we out shopping the weather was really nice hot, but under the shads its was breezy fa 7ilow. at first i didn't like the way shops are set here ... ghareeba no like London, NY or LA its different bs then i liked it cause it is an old city and shops are in old building so its nice different.

then at 3 radina il hotel for a light lunch and to relax ... then we went to the Coliseum ... cause they had there something called the FAN ZONE ... games and videos and stuff to do with the champions league ... its small but it was fun ... hehehehe then we so united fans the hooligans hehehehe singing and dancing while every1 is toooooootally waisted ....

dinner was bad, the place looked woooow the starter was amazing ... other than that it was toooottally bad a place called MOLTO ... do not recommend it

soooo bacher the DAY ....


Heeeeeeeeeey all well its tuesday morning ... just finished BF now gona change and go explore ROME .........

last night dinner QAWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII we ate in a place called Antica Pesa ..... any1 coming to ROMA must a tryyyyyyy ......

we also got our game tickets ;) ...

---: RANDOM :---

1) Plane ticket : CHECK
2) Passport : CHECK
3) Visa : CHECK
4) Hotel Reservation : CHECK

Last year my brother and couple of friends went to Moscow to watch the champions league final, while i was still in the states. I thought that was once in a life time oo am gona miss it, actually it happened twice once back in 99 oo last year. Last year i couldn't leave cause of the course i was in + it was too far to fly all the way across the world, i need 2 days to get there, make it short it was impossible. Anyway this year after reaching the final i have to go ..... i have to see my might reds in action in the finals ... SO AM OFF ROMA BACHER WOOOOHOOOOOOOO.

ps. if we lose ... your gona see me on tv running after one of the players demanding my money back ... yah i paid a lot for the ticket oo mabi akhasir .... hahaha

Been away for a while I just didn't feel like writing anything or reading any blogs, so i have been catching up with my episodes, started watching a new show called CUPID 2009, nice show if you don't have anything to watch ....

Had a minor surgery last week for my back, funniest thing ever happened, I went to see this American DR/Professor that comes to kuwait like 4 times a year. He checked on me, asked me couple of questions, and also told me i should do an MRI and X-rays to see what exactly is wrong in my back ... ok let me recap on couple of things i have been having back problems for 10 years now went to soo many DR oo hospitals world wide ... i know whats wrong with me oo most of them have told me that i should get an operation bs i refused, oo wouldn't have gone to this DR either bs 2 weeks agoo i got up from bed and i just couldn't move or bend over.
anyway back to the original story .. So i did the MRI X-ray stuff oo had a appointment with him the next day ... went in spoke to him told me everything i already heard like a zillion times, oo told me he wouldn't recommend a surgery all I need are 2 injections in you back and I'll be fine. I WAS OK GOOD .... so he told me khala9 go with the nurses ... i went oo payed WHICH BTW THATS ANOTHER STORY ..... then they took me to a room with a gurney ... i was like ok 3adi ... so the nurse told me take you clothes off so i lifted my t-shirt oo dropped my pants a bit ... then she was like what are you doing ... i said don't you want to give me an injection, she said sir wear the scrubs ... so i did then she took me to another room wala its a SURGERY room with all the equipments and stuff ... ihni galbi 6a7 iba6niiii ... anyway it was a 30 mint procedure oo have do to another 1 in next week but my back is fine :)

joined twitter the other day ...... have no clue how to use it. my friend's wife tried explaining it to me all i know is where to update and reply to ppl.


The Fucking Mentality

This is my first time to ever say a curse on my post
I hate it, and would never say it.

Fuck Kuwaiti's mentality, Fuck how ppl think in this country, Fuck FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Other countries have reached the moon and invented millions and millions of stuff to make this world an easy place to live in, oo i7na rab3na are still living the dark ages oo il takhaloof mawgood .. ma aloom the world when they call the arabs the 3rd world. NO NO NO and they say we have democracy in Kuwait .... MY ASS .... democracy jidam il 3alam but deep inside yi3lam allah.
La oo igooloon laish i3yalna itizawagoon min bara, banatna ishfeehoom ????? ... WELL GO FIGURE IT OUT .......

Anyway I won't be blogging wala bared 3ala a7ed wala bagra blog a7ad for quite sometime oo i might never even blog again ... cause i swear to god ine DIFASHAT wala leee kholig shay .....

see you around ....


جن الظلام
وهاج الوجد بالسقم
والشوق حرك ماعندي من الألم

ولوعة البين في الاحشاء قد سكنت
والوجد سيرني في حالة العدم

البعد اقلقني والشوق احرقني
والعين باحث بسر كان مكتثم

يامن يلوم على ماحل بي وكفى
اني صبرت على ماخط بالقلم

اقسمت بالحب مالي سلوة ابد
يميل أهل الهوى مبرومت السقم

جن الظلام

وهاج الوجد بالسقم
والشوق حرك ماعندي من الألم


The One-77 is Aston Martin's first attempt at a true supercar and the results of which are extremely impressive. The One-77 is powered by a naturally aspirated seven point three liter V12 engine mated with a six speed automated manual transmission which gives the car a top speed of over three hundred and twenty kilometers an hour. The car has a large grille reminiscent of the Zagato designed Aston Martin’s of the 1980’s and early 2000’s. The body is made of handcrafted aluminum whilst the car uses carbon ceramic brakes and Pirelli P-Zero tires. Only seventy seven Aston Martin One-77’s will be made and will be made available in the fall.

The Story behind number 7