Touring Superleggera Bentley Continental Flying Star

Touring Superleggera have released a coach built car named the Bentley Continental Flying Star which is a shooting brake style. The Bentley Continental Flying Star has identical technical specifications to the Continental GTC Speed with its powerful W12 engine giving it a total of six hundred and ten horsepower. Touring Superleggera have added a handcrafted aluminum bodywork as well as a luggage area which has been crafted to fit a two-metre load capacity. The Flying star has two rear seats which can be pulled down to expand the loading space. Only twenty examples of the car will be eventually made each year fully customized as per the clients requirements.

Allah made me funny

This week i went to Bahrain with a friend he had some business there so I tagged along cause I was bored and had nothing to do + I really love Bahrain. Anyway on the flight back i was reading the plane magazine and i was reading this article about a group of Muslim ppl that do stand up comedy and they are called Allah made me funny. Here watch ishwaya of their comedy

Kid directs air traffic

Every morning while driving to work i like to listen to BBC RADIO, and knowing whats going on world wide, news, sports, etc ... But today something came up that was very very interesting i had to post about it and tell you ppl about it. It happened on the 17 of Feb 2010, an ATC controller that works in JFK took his kid to work and guess what the father did ??? well you ppl don't have to guess just listen for your selves. also here is a link if any1 wants to read about it MSNBC