I was tagged by lost b 2amreeka
so here goes

Favorite color: hmmm red & white .
Favorite getaway place: Bahrain, don't know why .
Favorite perfume (guys): Armani Code .
Favorite perfume (girls): Jivago .
Favorite pj brand: Don't have any .
Favorite clothes brand in general: hmmm Diesel, Abercrombie & Fitch .
Favorite country (not including your own): LOOOONDON, UK baby ;).
Favorite car: Hahahahahaha Yah right you mean CARS.
Favorite sport: FOOTBALL.
Favorite sport player: Beckham.
Favorite spot in Kuwait: Shaleeh.
Favorite animal: British Bull Dog.
Favorite movie: Bad Boys.
Favorite singer: 7amad Sinan.
Favorite day in the week: Well now a days Friday.
Favorite time of the day: Morning .
Favorite holiday season: hmmmmmm i would say summer.
Favorite number: 7 ..... what else .
Favorite food: Sushi.
Favorite chocolate: KitKat.
Favorite cartoon: Grindayzer.
Favorite blogger: ANA :P ... no no all of you guys :)



Lost b2amreeka. said...

yum abi sushi (L)

:/ Who you kiddin' we all know ana your new fav. (A)

moi said...
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desertpalms said...

was jus gona tag you but uve already done it! ;p wooh veery efficient!

u changed ur background colour saa7? cuz im noticing im getin less of a headache when im reading ur posts loooooool

Ruby Woo said...

my favs are also red and white..

my favorite spot is shalaih too!

lol question: do u like Victoria Beckham? I know it's stupid, but I just had to ask :p

On-The-Rocks said...

you've been tagged

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

ohh good to see more guys who prefers mornings :P

hmm abt the favorite # i share with u 7 but i have more as well !

Anonymous said...

ILSUL6ANA doesnt do tags :P

Anonymous said...

I match with u in a few things!

libero anima said...

i was just eating kitkat ! XD

S E 7 E N said...

Lost : 7adaaaa abi sushi .... hahahaha

moi : i still do :D

DP : hehehehe thanx :) ... yah i was told so i choose another red :)

Ruby Woo : Victoria ... yah i like her style the clothes and also the bags she wears :)

On-The-Rocks : cool :) i need something to write about

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. : well if you had a blog we would know whats your Fev things ...

ilsul6ana : hahahaha 3ala ra7tich

..::Amu::.. : guess cause we're bikers ;) share the same DNA hehehe

libero anima : hahahaha just had lunch oo 7adi abe kitkat now :)

On-The-Rocks said...

allaaaah for london and for kitkat... the last question which is favorite blogger is unfair... i said the same thing all my blog roll which is true , cant mention on and keep the other

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

se7en feekum il 5air wil brika :D as i said previously in zaina's blog (chez zaina) im already addicted to reading ur blog guys !!

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

red is the best color ;-)

S E 7 E N said...

On-The-Rocks : dude i like every 1 the ppl that read my blog and the blogs i read :)

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. : yah but we also wanna get addicted to something you write

My.Silhouette.In.Red : red is always good :)

Navy Girl said...

first of all , your a red addict lol !! :D

second of all .. what is it with guys and Grandizer all of a sudden ?? :D i know i know i love it too bs shm3na now everyone love it lol :D

lemmme guess , you love KitKat cuz its all REDY !! ;P lol

S E 7 E N said...

Navy : madreee am realizing it now ... every thing i like ppl are copying me i say i like number 7 ... now every body is into number 7 :P
i say grindayzer now eeeeeeeeeeeeevery 1 is into it :P

and no no i don't like it because its red ... hehehehe bs its my child hood chocolate

Navy Girl said...

wala ya Seven i hate to say this but 3 and 7 were my favorite numbers since i was in KG lol :D

yeah and kitkat is the best :P

no nooo i aint no copy cat :D

Limited said...

i cant believe u like beckham .. i feel he is so over-rated now .. back when he was in manchester united was his best time for me personally ..

one of my favorites would have to be lionel messi! and i love sushi and red as well =P

S E 7 E N said...

Navy Girl : stay on 3 a7laaaaa ishlich ib 7 hehehehe

Limited : la walla hes not over rated the guy is still good ... and don't forget when he was at united he was only 23 oo 24 ..... and now hes 30 something .... so he did grow older .. you can't compair lionel messi with beckham hatha young oo a striker becks is old and a midfielder ....
cool :)

WishfulThinking said...


Ayam walla.

I say,bring back all the oldies!!!


Great blog.

S E 7 E N said...

WishfulThinking : chan zain the bring the old days :)

and also thanx :))

Anonymous said...

why most guys love the number 7??

S E 7 E N said...

Anonymous : honestly I don't know