PLZ explain it to me ??

Ok .... Today i was reaaaaally down oo had so many things on my mind from work, home, my life, everything. So i desiced to go out by my self mo agizz or al7ag banat no i'd drive to shaleeh or even drive to jahra where ever my car takes me .... i'd crank the stereo up listen to techno, om kalthoom, 3adani what ever my ipod desides to play ...

anyway so today the weather looked nice oo a bit warm so i went out on my bike i really really needed sum time alone S E 7 E N time bs, oo i was riding from sahri3 il 7oob to salmiya to bidi3 and back 3ala shari3 il khaleeeej till i got home.

Ok my Question is ... i know that i have been out of the country for almost 2 years oo just got back, So plz would some1 explain it to me ...

Whats up with ppl driving while some1 sitting next to them with a laptop on browsing the net ???

la oo ga6eei6 wayhi ib some1s car the dude was on FB ??? hehehe ... shino ya3ni you'd take pics of the ppl oo upload them online ??? or telling ppl your status AHMED MOHAMED IS IN SHARI3 IL 7OOB .... SHIKHA MOHAMED IS IN SALMIYA .... what ?? do they think that they are sooo important or something ?? and girls/boys would die if they didn't know where they are ?? or what they'r doing ?

Or is it so important to have a laptop with you cause you have to check your world wide stocks cause the market is bad and you have to be on top of it all day long ??? I DON'T THINK SO cause min shaf sha3rik ma i3arif il as'hoom 7adik sooq il 7amam la oo ikhoob 3alik ba3ad <--- FYI it was some other dude online

what can't you ppl just wait till you get back home ?? then tell ever 1 in kuwait/world what you did with you life .... and also check what ever you want

please share with me tell me whats this new happa ??? sij alla i3afii zain ile sawat il E-go ...


zuz said...

looooool! ee i saw some doing it too:P, its a 3gaidyish habba, i dont even think its a habba:S it's just some pathetic 3agad 7araka;p

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

hmmm i have absolutely no idea .. !!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee la7atht elmawthoo3 jeddan muz3ej wallah ma 3ndhom salfa

ana yaly important 3araft =@

ana 8arart from now on ayeeb hindy yeg3ad eb laptopy yammy blsayara 3shan asayer elhabba =D

Cooookies said...

eh i noticed this Ha"BB"a :P

ile eshofhum egool eqte9ad ildeera wagef 3alaihum ..La wele etha7ik some of them arent even online:P

Anonymous said...


wallah tha7aktnii ! ymken bil 9edfaa :P bss 3adi ye6la3 min e3yalnaa !

AnywaYs 3al aqaal 3a6ook shay etfaker feeeh other then ur problems :) yezahom allah khair :P

Think-Become said...

ana asamy hatha illy isawoona fathawa!!

i check my blog once or twice a day and browse with it while im checking,,

this means inna when i wake up and before i go to sleep... ya3ny mala ma3na i carry my laptop with me everywhere as if it is stuck with me..

they have no life i guess, at least no social life

Lost b2amreeka. said...

lol, decided*

sorry sorry i couldn't help it w u gave me the okay :P i wasn't browsing for mistakes bas liga6t-ha w ana agra :P lool

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

ee i notice lots of people with laptops in the car

madri leash funny thing is eni i get dizzy from reading or having a laptop wayid eli itlou3 chabdi min kether il dizziness :-/

Navy Girl said...

lol i know what you mean !! i hate it ..its totally useless !! y3ny in another word ' mako work " :D

S E 7 E N said...

zuz : offf 7ad oma pathetic ... i don't see any point for doing it

P.ANONY : itha 6ala3ty 3ala yoom la7thay il cars around you ... am sure you'll see 1 person doing it

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : hahahahaha crazy girl :) ana barboo6 laptop 3ala il saikel ba3ad ee new habba

Cooookies : yah thats what am saying ... they think they are the waled bin 6alal :)

ilsul6ana : ay 9edfaa ?? agoolich ga6ee6 wayhi ib sayarta the guy was on facebook ... hehehe

Think-Become : laaa check you e-mail check you blog go on facebook ma7ad galik shay with an Iphone, Black Berry, for the love of god get a Nokia and do you browsing ... kilsh mala da3ii laptop

Lost : wahahahahahahahaha ... its ok cause i have this problem since middle school lama i have something to write about ... i write it so fast so it doesn't slip my mind oo end up with 1 loooooooooooooooooooong sentence oo spelling mistakes, then i start fixing them oo 3adi a6awof 1 or 2 :)

My.Silhouette.In.Red : yah so many ppl do get dizzy if staying on a laptop for a long time ... i know what you mean :)

Navy Girl : 7ada mala da3iiii ... what ever you wanna say wait till you get home and write about it or check it ..... :)

Anonymous said...

erm..maybe their company was just reaaaaaally really bad and they got bored ? =D

(trying to find a logical reason...bas i think it defies logic sooo i give up! ;p theyre just weird! )

Cooookies said...

haha ok i have to say this ! its totally unrelated :P

bas i cant help it i pronounce ur name SE7EN exactly that way "سحن" so would u be a dear n just clear things up for me :P is it seven or se7en? :P

S E 7 E N said...

DP : wat company ?? Hehehe the guy has a spicked hair + his head is so big like a bubble head ... And yup u won't find a reason cause its holigiciouse :)

Cooookies : wahahahahaha 9a7aan 3ad ... Its seven as in number 7 ... Thats my lucky number :)

desertpalms said... in bad company ;p ya3ni they have crap friends who are boring

spiked hair and a big bubble heaad? woooohhh..this dude sounds hooooooot! ;) hahaha

*dp googles up holigiciouse*

*google fails her*

*dp asks embarassed..what does that mean? =D*

Ruby Woo said...

cuz if a girl sees him with his laptop, she'll go gaga over him.. "oooooohhhh is boy has a laptop, is soooo cool, must number him now!"


Balqees said...


S E 7 E N said...

DP : wat hot it looked like the dude hasn't had a shower is 6 years
and holigiciouse wahahahaha its a made up word as in HOOLIGANS, sorry forgot 1 o

Ruby Woo : hmmmm sij 3ayal am gona go with my laptop every where even if i went fishing or on a jetski :P haha

Balqees : yup weird ppl in this country

Anonymous said...

Its just another way to show off ;p

hope you are feeling better now :)

eshda3wa said...

fee 3a9er el technology ya se7en

ymkin the ppl with them are very boring and they need to entertain themselves

libero anima said...

loooooool i never saw anyone doing that ?! XD

bss mb chaneh fe e5tera3 esmeh Blackberry if they just can't be away form the internet ! ;p

S E 7 E N said...

..::Amu::.. : yah i was told that every 1 is trying to show off some how .... am good :) thanx for asking

eshda3wa : hahahahahahaha 3ayil laish 6ali3 weyah min il asas if hes boring .... and yes it is 3a9er el technology bs fee shay isma INTERNET PHONES .... kilish mala da3y laptop

libero anima : yah well our kids do the strangest things ... and also come up with the weirdest happat that any person would think of ... and yes there is and other phones thats what am trying to say why not use the phone ... but idiots will always be idiots ;)

On-The-Rocks said...

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