Marina FM

Hmmmmmm Ok, like most of my readers know that I have been out of the country for almost 2 years, So when i got back 6ab3an ikhwani maga9arow fini 1/2 of my stuff has gone receiver, DVD player, DVDs, etc ... and 1 of the stuff that was gona was my work car that my dad sold, and got something new .... 6aba3an all my TAPES where gone fa mako shay asma3a on the way to/from work, So i have been listing to the radio. Il 9ibi7 asma3 LINDA the breakfast show on 99.7 ( BTW i still listen to 99.7 its the best ) anyway oo some times when i leave early i listen to 88.8. Know for the love of god would you ppl please PLEAAASE tell me you do not listen to the sakhafa and the malaqa they talk about in that program the DIWANIYA, or the askhaf mina IL MARASH ( AlllllllllllllllllllllllAH, Rashirish'haaaaaaaaaa ya waleedan ) wallaaaaaaaah i feel like driving into the 9aba on the side of the road when i listen to hatha il motheee3. Oh Oh Or the other dude MIKE IMBALTA3 ?????? whats up with his news leah heldaraga 9arow il nas sakhfeen ile they find this is funny ???? am sorry if i insolted any 1. I guess am just to old and am still vintage oo listen to 99.7, cause I can not bare the sakhafa they talk about .....


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL do u know in the beginning I used to enjoy that Deewaniya but then later I just started hating it alll he way...I am sure other people are still liking it and thats the reason the show is still on :D

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

il 99.7 kanat shay gabil
ayam il rap music w nana
al7een ikhtarbat bs 88.8 min zeman 6aaaf eff i hate it!

inzain ako mothee3a maliqa nesait shesemha eli kilah tries to be funny wil accent malha yeqith ib 99.7 laa its not dr laboosh

ya rabi i cat recall who the hell she is :-/

On-The-Rocks said...

se7en, min kithir il sa5afa hal ayyam oo ilmalaqa, and having nothing better to do in kuwait, people strated to really listen to these kind of radio shows, laugh, and interact with it!!!!

il emptiness oo ma tsawi b innas

moi said...

i totally agreeee o kelman ezefny lmma agol 3nhom malaqa;\,a5er shay gumt ashek ebro7y!

zuz said...

ee ge6e3a damhom yahad;\! , i still listen to 99.7! ur no old fashioned;p

Um-Manaf said...

breakfast show with linda makes me want to hang myself..then climb down and do it again. MALEEQA MALEEQA ..

o il dwaniya 3adi i'm indifferent to them ..

bes linda...ahhh ya linda.... wainich ana minziman adawer 3alaich :/

Ruby Woo said...

I listen to my iPod or 99.7.. bas at least 88.8 wala 103.7!

Anonymous said...

Bil3ax i find them funny, original, and entertaining.. 9ij sa3at ma3indihom salfa.. but they did approach several issues in kuwait and ppl voiced there opinion thru the show. i wud rather listen to their blabber than to agani sa5eefa bs astathem min waraha.

PaLoMiNo said...

LOOOOOOOOOL walla yebt-ha!!! qemaaa bel malaqaa!!!
dewinyaa ana lama a76hom for a couple of seconds atnarfaaz!!!!

weee3 let them all yent7roon wayed a7saan!!

7ata thyla ele on mix fm eynrfzoni o malqa!!

ma elaak ela ur i pod ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i agree with um manaf,

linda makes me want to hang myself!

then go down, then hang myself again...

that would be less painful than listening to her =\

tbe6 chabdy ambaih shay mo 6abee3y =@

ps: get an teswa 3laik wallah..the radio hannels hnee y'3ethoon =\

S E 7 E N said...

..::Amu::.. : dude i listened to it and listen to the ppl that call ... 7adhoom ma3indahoom salfa ...

My.Silhouette.In.Red : walla 99.7 till today is amazing 88.8 3indahoom aghani 7ilwa bs from time to time .... mothee3a la walla i don't know who your talking about sorry :/

On-The-Rocks : ee walla 9i6agat

moi : la yiba la itsakeen walla shay its maleeq

zuz : thats good that ppl still listen to 99.7 .... la walla 7adii old fashioned lama arcab seyayer rab3ii makoo 99.7 bil presets i have tune it my slef

Um-Manaf : hahaha laish laish walla she is better than those 3 idiots ile bil marina and she targets the younger crowed but i like wat she talks about latest news min America about the grammars, Oscars, etc

Ruby Woo : eeeeee 103.7 agdam agdam i'd rather listen to the wind ile bara walla 103.7

Anonymous : original ??? entertaining ? walla madree itha 3indahoom salfa or not cause kil ile sima3ata was one time oo not gona listen to them again

PaLoMiNo : i know oo ile inarfiz akthar are the ppl that call and say ohhhhhhhhhh keep up the good work OR i can't stop listening to you show ????? my god those ppl kill me .... and yup thank god for ipods :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : hahahahahahaha ..... i don't know about you bs i like her show .... GET an IPOD hehehehe i already have 1 but there are times where you just want to listen to the radio ... you know what i mean you just get bored of all the songs and things you have on you ipod ....