Plastic Surgery

No No I didn't do any plastic surgery :P, but my bike did. I just got it back from the workshop FYI i love their services they pick up the bike from your house do what ever you ask them to then bring it back and pay in front of the house cash or K-net, Love Tri Star, any way here is the job that was done on my bike.


I changed the exhaust system, and the rear fender ... and the sound of the exhaust my god its better than any song that was ever sang. A sound not even Om Kalthoom had nor did Sinatra, or any one else i stayed 1/2 hour just revving it up and listening to the MUSIC that it makes.

Update : 1) Needs new tires 2) Short Racing Clutch / Brake Levers 3) Firm the suspensions


FourMe said...

Don't bring Om kalthoom and Sinatra into this!!

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. said...

7imdillah 3ala salamt ur bike :D

very nice exhaust ;) ..

n oh looool at the music/song thing i was laughing all the way :P

n the 7 on the license plate .. Lol !

ride safely n enjoy the weather o allah ya7f'6k o ya7f'6 bajee il bikerS *amen*

Anonymous said...

Allaah e3een jerankOm!

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : hehehe well they both died oo ra7at 3aleehoom

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::.. : :) thanx

ilsul6ana : hehehehe ashwa ma 3indina geeran

Anonymous said...

allaaaah sakeeen bil 9a7raaa ebroo7ek :P

About the update: Moshkelaa 3amaleyat il tajmeel u just cant get enough :P I say stop now gabel la tendam lool

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

6ab3an hathy 7aggy 9a7?

youre making it look pretty 3shany, 9a7?


S E 7 E N said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : tistahleen kil shay bsssss hatha ghair am whiling to donate a kidney but i will never give this away :p

hatha il ghaliiii

Anonymous said...

they look really nice :)

Anonymous said...

='( dude ur taunting me!!

its beautiful !

congrats and enjoyy =D

S E 7 E N said...

desertpalms : hehehehehehe am not taunting .... its something i installed and am sharing it to all my readers not taunting any 1

and its not just beautiful ... mabi a9ik nafsi 3ain oo mashallah mashalla DP it looks gorgeous

dp said...

khalas 3eyl, mabrouuk 3laa el beautiful ANDDD gorgeous bike ;p

mashaaaaaaallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah bellaaaa ayyyy 7assaaaaaaaaaaaaad!