Friday Ride

Today was a real beautiful day, the weather was nice warm the sun was out, so the first thing i did was call 1 of my co-works and asked if he wanted to go ridding today. Well we got together around 2ish ib starbucks bidi3, then 2 of his friends joined us for coffee, 1 of them is a really really old English dude and the guy is funny as hell. I think he is the 2nd Englishmen i met in my life that is funny, any how we sat there for 2 hours chit chatting then went out for our ride, and my god the amount of ppl in the country ile 9ar 3indahoom bikes, 2 years ago nader ma tilga a7ed that has a bike, now every 1 is ridding. After that i we went back to Bucks ... they sat i got tired went back home ..... It was a nice day ..... hope you ppl did something fun this weekend :)

enjoy the rest of you weekend


Lost b2amreeka. said...

a7is most of the riders isti3ba6 to impress girls doing crazy stunts without helmets on or anything ya3ni looook I'm a daredevil e5thay raqmi wooooot

not generalizing so no offence I didn't mean u :p LOL

My.Silhouette.In.Red said...

about the 2nd english man..

man 3abali bs ana eli i find english men unfunny

7eta their jokes '3air w 7eta lw kanat super funny ham it takes u few seconds 3ashan testaw3ib, "man! i have to laugh ITS FUNNY!"

madri ana 7eta aflamhom ma ashoufha kil shay '3air fehom

and.. glad u had fun :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet stuff man dude glad u had an excellent time :)

moi said...

at least u had a great time! this weekend was shitty for moi;p, english men are funny because they arent funny :S ----wth?

S E 7 E N said...

Lost : laa am totaly with you ... some yes some no ... and yes i did see those kind of ppl that try to be like Evil Knievel la helmet la 3amat 3ain oo when they crash and die ppl say shiftow ishloon il siyakil kha6ra ... well if your not wearing the right uniform and you wanna do a wheely going 160km then yes something will happen .... and other ppl la'a full uniform, helmet and applying the law :)

S E 7 E N said...

My.Silhouette.In.Red : English ppl are dull ... fee chum comedian on tv bsss ... but in general they are dull .. and i think this guy is funny cause he lived in kuwait for like 20 years fa 9ar kuwaity if you know what i mean ... and yah i did :)

highrevver : yah i did it was blast ... hope next weekend the weather stays the same :)

moi : yeah i did :) ... afaaa 3asa mashar ??

Balqees said...

olalala ur a biker too
alot of bloggers fj2ah are bikers
i want to be one too :(

libero anima said...

i agree with lost b2amreeka ..

waw a funny English man .. that's rare =p

and it's great that u had a great time =D..

TOOTA said...

ohhh so that's your ride!! interesting i thought your not a fan of red cars and other vehicals?!:P...anyways your friday sounds great!!:P

Anonymous said...

3alakOm bil 3afya :) ee sa7 waaayed ektharaw il riders 3ndina..Oo its like they move in clubs :P lazem group same kind of bike oo they ride together kekek

Limited said...

sounds like u had fun .. my weekend lil2sef was a lazy one, which is good in a way =P

and here in dubai i still havent met a funny englishman =P that would be something new ..

S E 7 E N said...

Balqees : well i have been riding bikes since i was 6 years old ... so am not new to this :) ... hmmm get a vespa :P

libero anima : yah really funny and his stories maaan hes old ... and yup my weekend was good :)

TOOTA : yup thats my bride a joy :) ... red cars bs ... but i do like red .. yup it was nice :)

Limited : trust me funny english men are funnier than any american comedian :)

On-The-Rocks said...

se7en, i think i've seen you last week at the same time bas around 4:30 pm in starbucks il bidi3, i remember a red 2 wheeler was parked in front of the table im sitting in next to the sidewalk , glad you had fun!

Balqees said...

wts a vespa
i'm loving the sound of it :P
i would google it but then that would take the fun out of u telling me wt it is :P

Anonymous said...

you bike looks kewl mate :) ride safe...

lets talk love said...

yaaaaaaaaay *eyes gloobbbb* red is 5ball .. ur weekend seemed like funnn!! mine was boring i may say

Um-Manaf said...

i enjoyed my weeeeeeekend ;p ... bes mara7 agoool ihnee what i did..

And btw... if ever someone almost drives into u while ur on ur bike 3al khaleej...its probably im sorry in advance ;p lana el 9ara7a et'dood'hoon il wa7d!

and if i do crash into you and send you flying...please don't hesitate to say hi ;p

Um-Manaf said...

i was just scrolling down ur previous posts...i saw russel peters live .. ;p 3ajeeeb!

S E 7 E N said...

On-The-Rocks : la it wasn't me :)

Balqees : hehehe vespa is an italian scooter ...

..::Amu::.. : thanx mate ... i will inshalla enjoy london :)

lets talk love : yah it was :) well hope your next weekend will be batter :)

S E 7 E N said...

Um-Manaf : hahahaha listen they way to do it is ... when you see a bike

1)in front of you SLOW DOWN la idisheen bil tayer ile wara ..

2) on your RIGHT/LEFT drive straight latnameen 3aleeh

3) Your wanna take a U-TURN and you see him coming wait till he passes then 6il3ay

4) 3ala il eishara awal wa7da wagfa oo ohwa yamich wait till he goes first cause he will probably wanna flirt and do a wheely to impress you so wait till he goes yingalib oo yinfilish mokha then you go

why do you wanna crash into me oo ithay3eeni min chees ahaly :(

and about russel yup funny as hell :)

Anonymous said...

ppl dont get my humour too =(

its too english-ified =S

nyways glaad u had a fun weekend dudeee, i heard the weather is just beaaautiful for riding now so enjoy it while u can..i miss it =(