Glory Hunters

Well like we all know that the English Premier League has started today. I have been a MAN UTD for 20 years now, seen all the ups and downs of Manchester United i love that team till the day i die am a HARD CORE FAN. Anyway over the years millionaires have invested in the league, teams have gotten bigger better the likes of Chelsea. Chelsea has always been a good team, but not a winning team it took them 50 years to win the title again, and they won it when the millionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club.

Anyway that's not what my post is about, my post is about Glory Hunters cause in the previous years you only hear ppl talk about 3 big teams MAN UTD,LIVERPOOL, & ARSENAL. Then when Abramovich bought the club you see every1 is into Chelsea and when they talk to you they make it sound as if they have been supporting the club for ages, BUT THEY DIDN'T THEY JUST STARTED SUPPORTING CHELSEA CAUSE THEY STARTED WINNING. Now there is a new team and new investors have bought the team and bought lots of new players, good players. Now i can't wait to see the NEW HARD CORE CITY Fans. Cause till last season i haven't heard a single guy in this country that supports MAN CITY. Yalla khanshoof chum wa7ed hel sina yi6la3 ;)

4 TALK TO ME: said...


It should def be an interesting season for city! I hate them for taking away Tevez!!

dp said...

man city is getting some serious AY-RAB MONEY! :P

Its a shame about toure,but for 25mil they are More than welcome to adebayor,regardless of him scoring for them today he's still a lazy stuck up idiot (trying hard not to swear lol)!

Im sure with their new recruits theyre gonna be contenders for top 4, i say...BRING IT ON! ARSENAL ARSENAL NA NA..! Weve started off with a bang this season and well finish with a bang!

On-The-Rocks said...

mali shighil ib football and championships and leagues bas the team illy yan oo ga3ad is real madrid with their crazy over spending on new players!!!

3aliya said...

glory glory man united!;p

we'll keep the red flags flying high!;p