Don't ask me why bs hel chum yoom hab ib hel ighniya hehehe
hope you like it


On-The-Rocks said...

se7en, whyyyyy! lollipop :P

oh yeah and i guess im back

CrazyCatQ8 said...

me like it !

S E 7 E N said...

On-The-Rocks : hahahaha madreeeee dude its funny .... welcome back too

CrazyCatQ8 : yah its a cool and funny song

nora said...

hahahaha 3adii 3adi, ana "crack a bottle" is stuck in my head and whenever i listen to it, i start laughing for no reason, totally normal :)

oo i wish i knew what he's saying, cause all i understood was ladies and gentlemen.. and the rest is chinese to me.

i blame 99.7!!

Limited said...

3la golat my cousin "Lil Wayne wa7shhh" :P