Ma3a il Salama Ya A3az 9a6eeq

Awal shay i wanna thank alllllllllllllllllllllllllll of you ppl that da3aow allah 7aq refeji oo 9adeeqi, oo inshalla allah itaqaballa kil da3watkoom, and also thank you all for the e-mails trying to cheer me up and sending out you condolences, oo ajirna oo ajirkoom inshalla ... mashkooreen

anyway today i just want to share a story with you ppl, a story or an adventure that happened to us one of the
thousands and thousands of balawi wee did ....

anyway this was summer of 98, I came back to Kuwait from unii for my summer vacation oo the guys here where also taking summer in KU oo mako a7ed imsafer yet, So weekend what do ppl do ... mako marina, avenues gabil .. 7adna Fridays oo cinema bil fanar. Wednesday night after the movies 6ala3na il shaleeh like we always do, thursday kina ib nanzil ba7ar, but the weather was bad so we just stayed in played cards watched tv what ever it was. Friday came ... the weather was eeeeeeeeh not so great but better so we decided to go to sea, kina 2 boats with hehe about 12 guys, (
6ab3an let me just tell you that the boats where one an 18ft the second 21 ft oo they where skiboat ya3ni not for long destence .. they where both CHECKMATES if any1 knows the brand). Il mohim lama nazalna il boat we really didn't know where to go !! so il mar7oom said lets go to kubbar and that his dad is going there in the yacht oo he has lunch ... FREE LUNCH FOOGA ... but for a split sec I said :

me : hey wahab shino kubbar maynoon inta ... i7na bil khiran oo ma3inda GPS

wahab : malikoom shaghool ana adil

me : wahaboo il banzeen ma iwa9il

wahab : hmmmmmmm inwady weyana extra fuel

me : fine ya nokhitha wadna yallah

so we left khiran at 11am, oo roooooooo7 ba7ar wahab was driving my boat oo the other boat the rest of the GANG. oo yomha kan mooooooy il 6arareed itsheel oo tishdakh oo il ba7ar fathii mako a7ed ila i7na .... after 20 mints you couldn't see the beach, oo i7na ok 3adi cause it is far from khiran to kubbar, + wahaaaaaaab was leading he knows his shit. NOKHITHA hes been driving his dads yatch since he was 10 years old ya3ni we all trusted him ...

anyway 30 mints into our trip i asked him

me : haaaa nokhitha ishkither bagii

wahab : taw il nas another 30 mints

me : ok

still at sea listening to music ... moy boat up and down, another 30mints came

me : waaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaab 6alat il salfa

wahab : huh ??? *looking confused bs still wathiq min nafsa* la la la bagii bagii taw il nas

me : wallah shaklik imthayi3

wahab : laaa laaa adil

me : ok

hehehehehhehe, anyway kamalna ..... this time i really really got frustrated oo seriously scared, cause we had no GPS, phone service was shit so no coverage

then out of nooooooooooo where we saw 2 fishing boats .... wahab turns the boat left and heads towards them, i looked at wahab

me : ishga3id itsawiii

wahab : la7tha la7tha

me : ok

we stopped next to one of the fishing boat, i thought he wanted water i though feehom shay ... i seriously didn't know what he went from them ...

wahab : salam 3alikoom

fishers : * looking scared * wa3alikoom il salam

wahab : WEAN KUBBAR ???

me : * looking at wahab * WEAN KUBBAR ??????...... are you serious ???? laykoon imthayi3 bait a7ad oo ana madree ???

fishers : janoob take heading 170 ... by the way intow min wean yayeen ??

wahab : il khiran

fishers : ok intow tadroon inkoom heading towards iran

wahab : huh ?? ee ee bs ishwaya thi3na

we left ........

i looked at him IRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN oo shad il thaher feeeeeeeeek nokhitha oo nokhitha MALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT 3alik oo 3aleey ile 6i3tit kalamik oo khalitik itsoog il 6arad.

anyway we reached kubbar after 2 hours since we left the shaleeh
..... the boats where nearly out of gas ... so we added what ever we had ... tied the boat bil yacht didn't do anything just had lunch oo swam there

then around 5pm the weather was nice the strong wind stopped the water was dihnaaa, so we decided to go back .... ihni I told wahab istareeee7 ishwaya your not gona drive back .... malna kholig indish il sa3oodiya ba3ad.

anyway we left kubbar half way in the rout the other boat is running reaaaaaaaaally low on fuel, so we stopped in the middle of the sea ...

me : haaaa tigdar itkamil ??

other boat : ee bs not to khiran have to turn towad the beach lasama7 allah 6ifa ila yam il yal

me : ok

wahab : il ba6al waaaaaaaaaaaaait let me drain fuel from this boat oo put it in the other boat

me : hahahahahahaha agool chub oo ig3ad

sooo we turned toward the beach thank god we where near khiran resort. the other boat stopped out of gas so i toed him for like 15 mints then i ran out of fuel. by this time it was 7pm getting dark and the shaleeh was like 20 mints away .... bu than god we where near the beach so the water was shallow we jumped oo started pushing the boats towards the shaleeh. it took us almost 3 hours to get there. after reaching the shaleeh we where so tired to even move and hungry like mainacs .... 6ala3na il 6arareed at 12am.

this is one short story and one adventure of the millions that we did ....

I will always cherish these memories ...... allah yir7amik ya wahab ... ib janat il kholid inshalla


Anonymous said...

Allahuma ameen ..

N ur most welcome :)

The story was great I was smiling all the way while readng it hehe

Its great to have u back posting ;)

~Blat: said...

alla yri7ima oo y'3amid ro7a el janna.. a5ir el a7zan yarab..

memories are what we leave in this world oo malna ella we cherish them :)

alla y9aberkum wey9abir ahala enshalla..

Anonymous said...

Thats a great friendship story..Allah yer7ima....keep the memories alive :)

Ruby Woo said...

Allah yer7ima weghamid roo7a il yanna..

You should post more stories about you two in memory of your dear friend.

Anonymous said...

allah yr7ma...your friend will live on in your beautiful memories with him inshallah =)

Navy Girl said...

allah yr7ma ya raby inshala ..

CrazyCatQ8 said...

allah yer7uma enshalla wethabta 3end elso'aal ..

loved the story .. funny :)

foshyaa said...

alaah yer7oma ya raab

Another-Penelope said...

cherish the moment, allah yer7amaaa o e'3mid roo7a eb janna ameeen