Music HELP

Hey every 1 ...... I need you help plz, today i got 1 of my music fa9lat. I usually listen to the radio most of the time cause my ipod is always in my other car. bs today i really wanted reggaeton music, don't know why just want to listen to the beat not like am gona understand Spanish or anything, and also i think its because of the summer oo ba7ar oo boat its KEWOL to listen to it when your sun tanning in kubbar on the boat or in the pool bil shaleeh. kilish mala da3ii 3arabi music and am bored of techno cause thats all i have been listing to bil winter ....

anyway i already downloaded loads of DON OMAR music does any1 of you ppl recommend other artiest other groups CDs anything ?????????


Candy said...

sure dude
Lady Gaga
tamer 7osne =D

Anonymous said...

My June Picks:

1. Wisin & Yandel Ft. 50 Cent: Mujeres En La Club

2. Tito El Bambino Ft. Jenny Rivera- El Amor (Remix)

3. Akon & Wisin y Yandel - All Up To You

4. Wisin y Yandel-Me Estas Tentando

5. Trebol Clan - MeHipnotizas

6. Busy Signal - Night Shift

7. Zion y Lennox Ft J-King y Maximan - Colora

8. Play Farruco - La Ducha Remix

9. Predikador Ft Flex, Mr Saik, Comando Tiburon - Porque No Te Vas

Navy Girl said...

dude no 3aribizzzzzzz :D

i know this songs fa9la ... t9eer lee sometimes :D
so now i'm kinda m3lga 3ala my old songs !! i mean real old songs !!! like dreams- nana & aint no sunshine !!!! i have no idea why so dont bother asking lol !!! :D

would you please share me whatever good songs you come up with??? ;D

Limited said...

Fire Burning - Sean Kingston

Llamada De Emergencia - Daddy Yankee

Unstoppable - Kat De Luna feat. Lil Wayne

lol I can't remember others right now ..

S E 7 E N said...

thank u all :)

Lost b2amreeka. said...

artist** :P:P LOL

3aliya said...

diffently go with eleventhst and limited!! although i like rap

On-The-Rocks said...

listen to adam lambert and kris allen's songs, they were the two finalists in american idol of this week.

listen to rock music, there are some really good roch music..

oo 7ag mazaag country music