---: RANDOM :---

1) Plane ticket : CHECK
2) Passport : CHECK
3) Visa : CHECK
4) Hotel Reservation : CHECK

Last year my brother and couple of friends went to Moscow to watch the champions league final, while i was still in the states. I thought that was once in a life time oo am gona miss it, actually it happened twice once back in 99 oo last year. Last year i couldn't leave cause of the course i was in + it was too far to fly all the way across the world, i need 2 days to get there, make it short it was impossible. Anyway this year after reaching the final i have to go ..... i have to see my might reds in action in the finals ... SO AM OFF ROMA BACHER WOOOOHOOOOOOOO.

ps. if we lose ... your gona see me on tv running after one of the players demanding my money back ... yah i paid a lot for the ticket oo mabi akhasir .... hahaha

Been away for a while I just didn't feel like writing anything or reading any blogs, so i have been catching up with my episodes, started watching a new show called CUPID 2009, nice show if you don't have anything to watch ....

Had a minor surgery last week for my back, funniest thing ever happened, I went to see this American DR/Professor that comes to kuwait like 4 times a year. He checked on me, asked me couple of questions, and also told me i should do an MRI and X-rays to see what exactly is wrong in my back ... ok let me recap on couple of things i have been having back problems for 10 years now went to soo many DR oo hospitals world wide ... i know whats wrong with me oo most of them have told me that i should get an operation bs i refused, oo wouldn't have gone to this DR either bs 2 weeks agoo i got up from bed and i just couldn't move or bend over.
anyway back to the original story .. So i did the MRI X-ray stuff oo had a appointment with him the next day ... went in spoke to him told me everything i already heard like a zillion times, oo told me he wouldn't recommend a surgery all I need are 2 injections in you back and I'll be fine. I WAS OK GOOD .... so he told me khala9 go with the nurses ... i went oo payed WHICH BTW THATS ANOTHER STORY ..... then they took me to a room with a gurney ... i was like ok 3adi ... so the nurse told me take you clothes off so i lifted my t-shirt oo dropped my pants a bit ... then she was like what are you doing ... i said don't you want to give me an injection, she said sir wear the scrubs ... so i did then she took me to another room wala its a SURGERY room with all the equipments and stuff ... ihni galbi 6a7 iba6niiii ... anyway it was a 30 mint procedure oo have do to another 1 in next week but my back is fine :)

joined twitter the other day ...... have no clue how to use it. my friend's wife tried explaining it to me all i know is where to update and reply to ppl.



Anonymous said...

You better take lots of pictures and send me!

oo next year if we get to the finals, IM GOING! heheh

nora said...

hehehehehe, im sooooo glad you are happy ;)

Candy said...

WELCOME BACK dudeee ..
viva rome :D

Anonymous said...


Roon said...

for starters..

glad ur back and calmed down..

i didnt even read the post yet..

just scanned it..

but, have fun to where ever ur going..

and be careful from the swine flu..

n about twitter..

when i first joined i was like "some dumb website"

then i started getting attached..

now, when i think i want ice cream..

i type it in, then go eat ice cream ..


whats ur name?

so wanna follow u ;)

Anonymous said...

awwww Welcome Back :D

o 5a6ak il sow ..

ma tshoof shar inshallah, ajer o 3afyaa ;)

have a safe trip ..

Enjoy :D

S E 7 E N said...

eleventhst : hehehehe i will inshallah, am going too

nora : thanx ;)

Candy : thanx :) didn't go any where

Anonymous : thanx ... but i never left ;)

Roon: swine flu hehehe hope not, well am still getting used to this twitter thingiiii ....

Anonymous 2 : allah i3afeech/k inshallah i will :)

Principessa said...

I'm Going to rome too tomorrow WOHOOOOOOO ;)and ofcourse to support MAN UTD ! GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED ;)

Roon said...

^^ lol u got a lot to learn about twitter..

good luck ><

Limited said...

Mt7msaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I wanna see that match so badly!!

salamaat ur back! and once you get used to twitter it'll be crazy .. I linked up my twitter with my facebook status and my friends are annoyed with me cuz everytime I twitter something it becomes my status and they're sick of it =P

S E 7 E N said...

Principessa : united ;)

Roon : heheh am trying

Limited : hope we win 3ad, thanx :)
you waaaaah link ur twitter to FB hehehe to early for me to know how to do that hehehe