The One-77 is Aston Martin's first attempt at a true supercar and the results of which are extremely impressive. The One-77 is powered by a naturally aspirated seven point three liter V12 engine mated with a six speed automated manual transmission which gives the car a top speed of over three hundred and twenty kilometers an hour. The car has a large grille reminiscent of the Zagato designed Aston Martin’s of the 1980’s and early 2000’s. The body is made of handcrafted aluminum whilst the car uses carbon ceramic brakes and Pirelli P-Zero tires. Only seventy seven Aston Martin One-77’s will be made and will be made available in the fall.


Anonymous said...

dyu know how much it costs??? for that price, you could buy a veyron AND have cash left over!!

and to be honest, the design at the front doesnt really do it for me! i know theyre trying to change it up a lil [ most of their cars look VERY similar looks-wise ] but it just doesnt work..

Roon said...

u really have the number Seven Issues..

get checked ;)

S E 7 E N said...

DP : do you really think i check about prices these days ???? hahahaha dude economy cranch zain il wa7ed lagii yakil ... il 7emdelah 3ala kil 7aal ........ and i think its there look its an aston ... you know what i mean lihe a logo

Roon : YUP i do have an issue with number 7 .... hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

looooooool! true! but when ur reviewing the car..gotta take everything into account ;)

yeah..i think theyre uninspired! the interior looks pretty nice though!

CuteandCuddly said...

THE CAR IS HOT !!!!!!!!!
walla it is so beautiful :)
i want one :(
but my parents dont allow sport cars :(
plus the price tag

Limited said...

if i tried to show my dad that with the price tag he'd fall on the floor from how much he'll be laughing!

though of course i won't say no to driving around in that .. i have a soft spot for aston martins =D

nora said...

I completely lost you after the first sentence.

Anonymous said...

This is one mean looking car! Are you going to be buying me one for my next birthday? :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oh se7en!

you shouldnt have! ;Pp

all this for me? ;Pp

Candy said...

can't wait for the day when i drive my own car T.T
i thought ur nick 7 is the korean singer seven!! am not an asian drama freak but those gurls in college are obssessed with this singer who is called 7!

S E 7 E N said...

DP : the interior is woooooooow more than amazing

CuteandCuddly : hehehehe 7ada hot ... i agree with you parents, kuwait mo malata sport cars ...

Limited : i didn't even check whats the price tag on it cause i know its gona be alot, soooo i just look at the pic and dream

nora : haahahahahahahahahaha, ok its fast, hot, and wow ;)

eleventhst : trust me if i had the money to buy that car, i would buy it for my self ... hehehe

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : hahahahaha tistahleen kil shay ;)

Candy : you did mention that once didn't you about that korean singer ... and no se7en is not him and i did listen to one of his songs and am sorry but hes crap ... se7en is based on the post ile before this