The Orange Shoe

The other day I was sitting in my diwaniya, when my friend walked in and my I say he looked confused oo like he was day dreaming ...

Him : S E 7 E N am in love
Me : Good for you
Him : NO NO NO you don't get it am really in love oo wanna marry her too
Me : hehe dude inta min baitkoom leah il diewaniya you fall in love 6 times oo its only 2 mints from your house to here
Him : S E 7 E N ... NOOOOO THIS HAPPENED SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY oo can't get her image out of my head, let me tell you what happened last Wednesday i went to this coffee place with flan and then the most beautiful girl walked in S E 7 E N walla mo ghashmara tana7at walla tana7at i couldn't take my eyes of her
Me : Okkkk
Him : minkither ma i3jibatny i couldn't stay i left so fast home oo told my parents about her oo ina i wanna marry this person
Me : ok tamam yalla zain MINO IHYA ??
Him : Madree
Me : Ok mino ma3aha ??
Him : madree
Me : HuH ?? ok whats her car ?
Him : madree yaya maa3a refajat'ha oo her friend drives a black car
Me : Ay nooo3 ya musllium ?
Him : madree a black SUV
Me : Fine did you take the license plate mal sayarat her friend so we can know something about this girl oo try to figure out away to find this girl your talking about
Him: NO
Me : Flan ??? inta ghabi ?? ok what does she look like ?
Him : She looks like this and that and her hair is this and she was wearing fluorescent orange shoes, S E 7 E N HELP ME PLZZ
Me : HuH ?? Help you with what ?? 3a6ni 1 weak link to help you, shino do you think i know every girl in kuwait just by you describing her to me ??
Him : She was wearing fluorescent orange shoes, SE7EN walla mo ghashmara i have been going to every coffee place in kuwait every mall every ma3rath looking for this person, can't get that image out of my head, i swear to god am in love oo wanna marry her.
Me : Dude you asking me to find a nail in hay stack, all i can say if you really want this person you have to go look for her and when you see her again which i doubt it, stop her and tell her hey listen am dead serious i want you father's phone number you brother's you mother's min binta inty ?? cause abeech bil 7alal oo ba6ig bab baitkoom
Him : oo thats why i have been acting like a teenager going from one place to another

Me : wean thalif UNITED are on now ...
Him : S E 7 E N am going out looking form my Cinderella & her Chanel battel orange shoes
Me: OK, allah iwafgik

kisar kha6ry ... hope he finds her cause he was dead seiouse never seen him that way, oo sij il maskeen ga3id idawir 9arla fatra


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


you could put an add on the milk cartons ;Pp

WANTED: the girl with the orange shoes ;Pp

Anonymous said...

ama t6la3 m3arsa :P

zuz said...

loool guess what? i have orange chanel flats looooooooool;p;p, maskeen enshallah yelgaha hehe, and mabrook for the crappy ta3adol;/

Hasan.B said...

"Fine did you take the license plate mal sayarat her friend"

el badleya mo sij:P

CuteandCuddly said...

oh my god cute :)
i am going to get me some orange shoes :)

Um-Manaf said...

Wenta refeeja 3al fathy? Goooms sa3da! ;p

S E 7 E N said...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : wahahahahahaha abeeeh mawateeni min il tha7ik

Anonymous : kaifa 3ad

zuz : yimkin its you :p ooh didn't i tell you am supporting a new team called QUEEN OF THE SOUTH FC

Hasan.B : ok

CuteandCuddly : hehehehehe

Um-Manaf : like i said i do not know every girl in the country :)

CrazyCatQ8 said...

9ara7a ..
refeejik hatha 3aba6 ..
bedal la etane7 .. chan la7ag-ha 3al aqaaaaaaal !!!!!!!!!

alla ekoon fee 3ounaaaa ;P
o 3ounek .. o 3oouna kilina :P

Se7eN help me looking for this person at least i know his name RUSHDI ABATHA .. plz am so in love with him :P

On-The-Rocks said...

tell him to go to the same coffe shop everyday at the same time he saw her, because people tend to visit the same place more than once in a week, wishing him the very best!

Anonymous said...

lol poor guy!

hope he finds his cinderella :P

Cooookies said...

LOOL ! thats a modern cinderalla story :P

itha legait a girl labsa one ill let u know !! yaay ba9eer the fairy god mother lol shako:P ill be the carriage i guess;/

Silver said...


7araaaam! maskeen shad 7aila bs sij its a needle in a haystack! ana agool ero7 the same coffee shop o ebat hnak o ma ye6la3 ela lama she comes back;p

atwaqa3 esaweha 3ade:P

Candy said...
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Candy said...

awal shay;
ya3nee ma3gool fee shay esmah 7ob mn awal nathrah !!!! coz i know guys they won't mention the word 'marriage' if they weren't serious abt it !!
so wain yelgaha el 7een!why he didn't chase her till home as guys most often do :D if he really wants her..

CupCake said...

LoooooooL !! ashik ena fe a7ad chethi

Navy Girl said...

lol now thats a typical kuwaiti guy !! you guys lack action :D seriously !! how the hell would he ever find her now !! couldnt he at least talk to her instead of staring lol :D bs wala that was so cute :D

inshala he will find her !

eshda3wa said...



zain chithy oo y6la3 damha thegeeel matenbele3

CrazyCatQ8 said...

ask ur friend eshra7 esawe etha legaha we6la3at :
1. taken
2. maleeqa
3. ma 3ajabha
4. ma yegdar yetzawajha
5. ma tabi tetezawaj
6. ekhta bel retha3a hahhaha
7. mako shay in common

madry shino 8 o 9 o 10 hahhahah

S E 7 E N said...

TO ALL : i asked him you questions if shes maleeeqa mirtab6a not interested alllll the questions his answer is


PaLoMiNo said...

ya7laaila cute:)
inshala he finds her:)

CrazyCatQ8 said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hahhahhahaha bal 7adda ji39 hehehehehe

3aliya said...

LOOOOOL!!;P ya7laalaa love at first sight!!;p those shoes...i've seen them somewhere...ohhh yeah waanaa gool never mind...;p hope he finds her...but bashra ow goolha ina it's impossible to find her!!;p

S E 7 E N said...

PaLoMiNo : i think hes giving up hope

CrazyCatQ8 : no hes just funny

3aliya : WEEEEEEEAN ??????? and he already knows that

3aliya said...

KUWAIT/ avenues/ dawam/ friends!!;p every where!!;p

S E 7 E N said...

3aliya : eeh ok bs mo same girl ...

Anonymous said...

bs wa3ad from me,i will look around for him too evey time i go out in a mall or coop. and if i found her i will send you an email :) deal!?

you know he should go to chanel and ask them heheheheheh who bought the orange shoe.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL you really cracked me on that I really hope he finds her :)

Anonymous said...

OMG .. allah thats the cutest and sweetest thing ever :P

on a serious note though as some ppl commented above me let him go to the same coffee shop cz she might go bk again there ..

i wish him the best of luck in finding her inshallah :D

bs la ytan7 again if he did ;P

3aliya said...

well i dont know... A BLACK SUV GIRL? lool i dont think soo...

S E 7 E N said...

Anonymous 1 : thanx that is so sweet of you ... hehehehe agoola ijarib yi2al ib chanel

..::Amu::.. : hope so hope so buddy

Anonymous 2 : i will tell him to go bk and check .. bs lazim ikoon feeh time limit ya3ni for how long mayseer iroo7 kil yoom for 6 months ..... and about titini7 ohwa kholqa imtani7 heheh

3aliya : hehehehehehehe la oo il moshkila 7ita il noo3 ma i3arif bs jaib aswad ee shino no3a madree ok latadree

Lulwa said...

OHHH, that's just so cuuuute and romantic ,

STRANGE !!!! but still cute ;-)

ALLAh yewafgah, n he's got 2 believe that f she's meant 2 be his, he's gonna bump into her sonner or later

libero anima said...

omg ya7laaailaaaaa !!!!

foshyaa said...

looooooooooool ;p
yala enshala yelgahaa 3aad;p
Goola eroo7 jam3a jam3a chood yelgaha ;p