Am sick, I hate being sick, I do not get sick that often. Last time i was sick was back in OCT ( goolow mashallah ).
now i can't smell, my throat hurts, and i keep on hearing a whistle in my left ear

anyway i have been watching 2 episode this week 1 is KINGS like i told you and the other 1 is called CASTLE.

I liked both, but i do not if every1 here might like them. KINGS is basically like the old history episodes & movies we used to watch, but its in the present and how they go to war with other countries and also build their kingdom ... i liked it

Castle on the other hand is bil thabi6 CSI/NYPD BLUE. bs il farag ina the police solve crimes with the help of an author or a book writer what ever you wanna call it ;)

liked them both


Anonymous said...

Both are good shows, right now im checking out Harper's Ferry and Southland, both which started a few weeks ago..ill let u know if they are any good

i hope u feel better!

zuz said...

salamat yal '3aly;p;p!! castle shakla interesting, i'll download it

get well

CuteandCuddly said...

hope you get well soon :)

CrazyCatQ8 said...

Salamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat yal ghaly salamaaaaaaaaaat ;)

Roon said...

I never get sick as well [mashallah]

but everywhere i went for the past 3 weeks ppl were sick..

so I HAD to get it ><

funny thing tho, everyone is thro and I still have the flu..

Doesn't matter, I like being pampered ;)

Get well soon..

And enjoy ur shows..

foshyaa said...

Salamat ma etshoof shr

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ma tshoof shar =)

Patrick Semaan said...

Salamat. Gotta monitor your sickness carefully these days with the whole Swine Flu fiasco.

Navy Girl said...

aww .. ma tshooof shr !! Get well soooon ;)

and goooooooly what exactly is kings ?? oooo is it goood wela y3ny ??

Anonymous said...

Your symptoms sound like u have the swine flu! You should seriously check urself!