V WhaaaaaaaaT ???

I hate this day ... some ppl go crazy over it and some are miserable .... and i hate it even more cause ppl in Kuwait think its the only day of the year that you have to show your affection to your BF, GF, husband, wife, maid, driver, mother or father. Yah if you love some 1 youd have to show it every day of the year mo bs yoom wa7ed .. 10 years agoo ppl here wallah mayadroon shino ohwa only the ppl in privet schools had this day wala bagi il sha3ib mo dareen wean allah ga6hoom .... now if he/she didn't celebrated this day tingalib il dinya ......

If I Had the power i would change this day to FALAFEL DAY .... ppl would give out falafel sandwiches a7saaaaan lahoom min flowers oo teddy bears and all that crap ....


FourMe said...

*gives Se7en one Falafel sandwich*

Happy Falafel day :p

moi said...

i totally agree with u!! i hate valentines:@ im angry at valentines day:\ and at the ppl who celebrate it:@!

Lulwa said...

Flafeel day ?

falafeel 3ad, 5alha kenafa day 3ala el a8al :P

but el pic. looks nice

ay restaurant ?

habat ree7 said...

Happy falafel day :P (canary)
and i say boycott the unmentionable day which has been created by the pagan/zionist imperialists

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ma7eb falafel =(

shasawy al7en? i like 7ummus!

can it be happy 7ummus day?

please? (A)

desertpalms said...

not you toooooo!


i was jus having this convo with someonee..narfazny!

bas wait...mmm that falafel looks too temptingg


ahh fuck itt


*steaals se7ens falafel sandwiches and runssss*


Almost Twilight said...

i totally agree with u

loool @ falafel day
7adik u cracked me up

FourMe said...

*Runs after DP give it baaaaaack*

Lost b2amreeka. said...

ALLLLLLLLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FALAFIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL the second thing im going to eat after el whopper haha!


I hate Vday too. when im broke. lol.

Limited said...

so el 7een lazim awaz3 falafel bouquets? =P

Anonymous said...


its mine noow, myy falafel sandwich


Anonymous said...

Actually 15 years ago when we were in public highschools we knew what Valentine day was :p

and 10 years ago we were in college and we have seen the exchanges of gifts and flowers and stuff in the parking lot and ta7asarna 3la 3omorna leen gelna bs :p

As for falafel day, ahhhh i wish every day was falafel day! I have just written a post about falafel btw :D Seems to be an interesting converstion subject now aday hehehe

Um-Manaf said...

3ad kent imzahbatlik hadiya MU 9IJ for this special day ... *Um Manaf hands SE7EN'S gift to driver, gives him 150 fils and tells him to bring some falafel* ... 3al 3imoom, ur new hadiya is on its way ;p

p.s...guess who's baaaaaaack? did u miss me? did u ?? did uuuu??? *bounces up and down*

Anonymous said...

LMAO ... now just imagine ppl handeling falafel each 14th of feb :P ..

well yeah i agree with u and with "habat ree7" ..

love is there every and each day towards ur loved ones not only celebrating it on this day or any specific day only !! :/

so happy falafel day :P ha cham wa7ed tabee ?

Anonymous said...

Wallah 9aaj!

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : thank you :) happy F-day to you too

moi : afa laish ??? as if i like this day haha

Lulwa : kenafa ??? i don't like it that much agdar aqawom nafsi ini ma akilha ... bs il felafel ghaaaaair

habat ree7 : akeeeeeeeeeeed canary where else :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : yaaaallaaaa 3alashan ĐǻñĎõøðñ happy falafel oo 7oomi9 day :)

desertpalms : laish narfizach ? and honey NOOOOOOOOOO one steals a falafel sandwich from me where are my GUUUUUUUNS

Almost Twilight : yup :) falafel day

again FourMe : :'''''( plz do get it back :(

Lost b2amreeka. : whopper EW EW EW .... yup apparently every1 does

again DP : 7amood khaloooood ... BRING MY BIIG GUNS .... il yoom binsaweey KABAB MASHWEY

Limited : YUP :) cheaper :)

danderma : chaaaaaan zain kil yoom falafel day .... and don't know about other ppl but for me falafel is my life i'd do anything for a sandwich ... and i will check you post :)

Um-Manaf : welcome back :) you got me a gift hmmmmmmmm if its FOOL sandwich mabiiiii

Anonymous : well right know am on this shitty protein diet so i can't eat aloot lets just say 4 :) hehehe

habat ree7 said...

mooooo zaiiin il protein diet it makes u depressed u need carbs in a good form e.g. 7ummus? ;)

desertpalms said...

donnttt u daaaaaaare come neaar me or ill get my bonecutters out on you!!

THAT FALAFEL IS MINEE! KHALAS! give up! surrender!

*eats it slowly infront of se7en and FourMe*

mmmm mmm mmm

tastes sooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


On-The-Rocks said...

darzan falafil bi66ireeeej :P

i think you're in love with falafel!! come to the bloggers meeting and ill try to make falafel home cooked, e9eeroon a7la and fresh

Anonymous said...

Sorry I still dont agree...I know we love all these people more every coming day but this day is just to mark it a bit special!

Anonymous said...

o ya btw Happy Falafel Day :D

Seattle dude said...

Well, its not all that bad. i just use it as an excuse to do a little extra ..... i guess the first time around its kinda special. and the rest become just.... slightly special ;)

±What±Im±about± said...

im so hungry ! oo tyeb 6arii falfel ? aaaaaaaah 7araaam 3laik ! oo for me i gave up on Vday long time ago ! oo ile ye7taflon feh ,,, mmmmmm MA 3ENDHOM SALFAAAAAA !!!!!! ;@ << thats' the jelouse sigle little person in me talking ;p !
any way: happy falafel day ;p

S E 7 E N said...

F.: ee wallah sij

habat ree7 : well for me its better than not eating cause that's wat I've been doing for the past 2 years .. 1 day I'd eat like a hourse and the other days just 1 meal a day sooo 3adi

On-the-rocks : thanx buddy :) give me you e-mail oo let me send you mine oo plz send me your racipies :)

desertpalms : S E 7 E N is throwing rocks on DP

..:: AMU ::.. : I respect that kil wa7ed has his opionion on this day some like it some don't see a point to it :) and also happy F-day

Seattledude : :)

±What±Im±about± : aperanilty every1 did give up on this day .. Hope 1 day the little jeaulose person will celebrate it with another little jeaulose person :)

LiLaCs said...

Your lucky I love falfel pal;P With extra pickles and lets not be stingy with the humus please and thank you:D

S E 7 E N said...

LiLaCs : hehehe don't worry dude am more in love with it than my own self :)

eshda3wa said...

i dont like falafel

bs i dont likve v day even more

so im with u 4 falafil day

azzurriya said...

yes dear u r abs right .. u know 4 me valentine day is valentine b3er

the thing that makes me crazy when i see the girls or theboys wearing red cloths

& Happy falfel day i will not celebrate it with u bcz it affects me

S E 7 E N said...

eshda3wa : shokran leah tathamonakom ma3ana :)

azzurriya : yah cause your V-day should be bianco e nero ... and also thank you :)

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

5La9 Then agder Ana asawe Blale6 Day ? LE2ana blale6 wayed a7la Men Flafel tera :P

LooL :P

S E 7 E N said...

[MaDry-Shakw~] : no no i don't like balalee6 .... but you can call it that .... kill wa7ed yigdar isami ile yabi :)

Roon said...

Although i have problems with falafel
it go a lot better than V day..

I had a friend who told me, Valentine isn't only about lovers, its about about friendship as well..

Guessed that more and more people are wearing Black on that day representing "single" ...


CrazyCatQ8 said...

I totally agree with u !!
I think its stupid :P

btw .. i hate falafel .. can we make it HAPPY MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO DAY ? :PPP

Good Day ;)

S E 7 E N said...

Roon : your friend is right my brothers and I sent out mothers flowers so she is right :)

CrazyCatQ8 : you can call it what ever you want .... ana i love falafel so i called it that :)