TAGGED again

I was Tagged By The tag is a photo tag, and here are the rules:

(1) Find your fifth photo file folder and then the fifth photo in the file folder.
(2) Post the picture on your blog.
(3) Tag other five blogger to do the same.

So after i checked :

(1) I don't have a 5th photo file folder.

So I got you a picure from my 3rd file with and my 5th pic ...

the picture is my car sub woofer 3ala shakil NOS ... :) girls might not get it but guys think its cool :)

And I tag
1) FourMe
2) ..::Amu::..
3) On-The-Rocks
4) Lost b2amreeka.
5) Um-Manaf

Today when i was coming back home from work, on the traffic light near my house i saw a fight. Do ppl still do that yanzaloon bil shari3 oo itihawashoon ??? hahahahaha how lame and uncivilized are ppl getting in this country ??? and the funnier thing is half of the guys stopped in the middle of the road to try and stop the fight ..... akhaf bes mo ligafa ya3ni yanizal wa7ed ithnain to try and stop it mo 100, and block the roads ...


FourMe said...

Cheers mate..

Almost Twilight said...

ya3ni shino sub-woofer? ;$

Um-Manaf said...

hahaha eeeeee yet'hawashoon...mara i hit the brakes 3ala my car 3ind eshara o wahagt ili waray cuz kan dayes o he almost crashed into me (completely my fault) o e3tithartla alf mara bes kan 7aaaaada im3a9eb (chan eli yami etgoool "la yanzilich bes" cuz jad 7arakti was bad)

el mohim shabat leshara chan enaam 3alaih wa7ed thany ..gam hatha we9al 7adaa 6aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar wara, tarakla, safe6a, o nezala o 6aga ;p

fa technically el 6ag was supposed to be directed to me bes 7aash hathak maskeen ;p

solaft wayed? asfaa lol :/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ee tara i didnt get it lol!

bs atleast u did it =D

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : hehe ga3deen ib PuB :)

Almost Twilight & ĐǻñĎõøðñ : sub-woofer gives you extra bass when you listen to music :) you know when you hear a cat DOV DOV DOV ... and when i say guys are gona love it more cause it looks like a NOS which stand for Nitrous Oxide Systems ... that makes a car go faster ;)

Um-Manaf : ok 7araktich kanat ghala6 bs still mo ma3nat'ha ina yabi yanzil oo itahawash then when some 1 else pisset him of ra7 oo 6ala3 7arita .... thats uncivilized like i said .... thats why where stuck being a 3rd world country cause of these kind of behaviors that only animals do ..

L.R.643 said...

fighting on the streets (or anywhere else for that matter) makes them look like complete morons.

mu rayal, ila yahil. to me personally, the bigger one is the one that respectfully walks away.

wht annoys me though is when they're hitting on a girl and holding up all 3 lanes. seriously, we have places to be at.

On-The-Rocks said...

ee they still fight, and they will always fight!!!

desertpalms said...

hahaha loved the NOS shaped subwoofer

youre piiiiimpin it ;)

min wein? i wana get one for my bro!

my friend is so cute..she calls it 'subhoover' hehehehe ;p

Seattle dude said...

haha nice one bro :D

i must confess awal ma shefta gelt "OMFG thats a huge NO2 tank shino nawy esawy :P"

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tag! fight is still part of us :P you need to see the one in which they are ready to take of their dishdashas :P

Um-Manaf said...

looool khal y6iga 3adi..aham shay mu ana eli ga3d an6ag :$

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aby sound system asma3 3aleh love lockdown when i drive =(

libero anima said...

hmm didn't get wats in the pic .. as u said girls won't get it =p

looooooooool ! a7es the scene looks really funny .. cheeh kelhum haaaaih yallaaaaaaa '6rabaaaaah whooow ! =p

Limited said...

kash5aa! i thought awel shay when i saw the thumbnail ina uve actually put the NOS in the car .. 6la3 subwoofer ..

LOL yeah about that .. last time i went to kwait i also saw that .. 2 guys on the pavement 9oob marina mall fighting bil 3gal w kilshay .. my eyes went @.@!

S E 7 E N said...

L.R.643 : i agree on that i hate when ppl hold the road just to look at a girl or even crash into me just to keep up with her ....

On-The-Rocks : ee wallah am with you on that wala birmothan allah yakafii

desertpalms : ;) big time ... its from bazooka.com, http://bazooka.com/products/mobile/Amplified-Bass-Tubes-Subwoofers-C6/NOS-Series-S67/NOS8A---8--Amplified-Nitrous-Oxide-Inspired-Subwoofer-P151 ... and about your friend hahahaha tell her its called SUB-HOVERCRAFT hehehe

Seattle dude : hehehe ishrayik ?? your not the first 1 to think that ;)

..::Amu::.. : hahahahaha ahlaaaaaag

Um-Manaf : hehehe ashwa

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : walla there are so many kinds of stereos so many kinds of speakers and amplifiers ... bs il moshkila the way they install in kuwait they are alllllllll bad ... i did find 1 store in kuwait that has the right wires and all right things but i don't know if hes good ... and also it depends on what car you drive some cars do come with amazing stuff oo 7aram to change .... but if you want to try KENWOOD they are good and cheap :)

libero anima : no the scene looked cheap and what i saw where 2 guys trying to hit 1 oo 600 ppl thrying to stop them ... love kuwait they all wana help ... yah right ila ligafa

Limited : yup :) .... hehehehe and did you like our ppl ??? i don't cause they look cheap when they fight on the street cause god gave us a mouth oo we can solve a problem with it mala da3y the use of the fist

Ms. D said...

ppl still yel7egon.. so there u go ;p

TOOTA said...


Ruby Woo said...

what does it do exactly?? is this nafsa the one mal the fast and the furious the one that gives you speed? iloog ini ga3da a'alef o shway mkharfa..

people on the road are mean!

S E 7 E N said...

Ms. D : and do you think thats right or will make me happy ... bil 3ax its wrong oo it almost killed me twice cause some loser is trying to chase a girl

TOOTA : :) thanx

Ruby Woo : hehehe yup its the same bs hathak makes the car go faster this is shaped the same way bs this is a sub-woofer which gives you load bass for the music

Anonymous said...

Wanasa like the NOS thingy ilee ib filim the fast and the furious!!!

I once saw a poor indian driver barely hit the bumper of a car with a q8y man. The q8y man goes out, gives the poor man some nice 6ragat on his face, wa7ed wara il thanee... very humilating... the goes on his way...

S E 7 E N said...

danderma : yup :) ... and about the indian guy ... mo 7aram chithi ??? shino ya3ni hindy mo insan ?? wala ina hel nas nazleen min il sima oo 3ala ras'hoom reesha they do these kind of stuff ???

Ms. D said...

i was being cynical.. about things that never change in kuwaiti boys who look like men

Ra-1 said...

LOOL! ga3da atkhayal elfight :)

Um-Manaf said...

salfat danderma 3an el hindi: that's just disgusting. maskeen il hindi :/

Lulwa said...

yeah it's really sad that ppl still get into such fights

o law t6ale3 telga elsalfa ma teswa

cool pics BTW :P

P.S.: U just got the (I luv ur blog )award :)

S E 7 E N said...

Ms. D : yup so true

Ra-1 : it was funny but at the same time it hurts to see guys do these kind of behaviors in public.

Um-Manaf : :)

Lulwa : shaklilha chithi ... and also thanx for award :)

Almost Twilight said...

oh i got it now

ya enta ;)

eshda3wa said...

yeah i didnt get it

S E 7 E N said...

Almost Twilight : thanx :)

eshda3wa : hehehe 3adii :)

CrazyCatQ8 said...

Come on SE7EN .. banat awal may3arfoon shino el nos ;P

al7een en3aref kil shay ;P etha taby arakeblek shoota ba3ad LOL

and by the way ..
sayarty MANUAL .. NOOO mo TIPTRONIC I MEAN MANUALLLLL :P so watch what ur saying about girls ;) LOL

S E 7 E N said...

CrazyCatQ8 : shoota hehehehe nice ... then would you know whats a blow off valve and a booster control 9a7 ??

gair 3adi ??? niiiiice now thats impressive

it9abgeen ??

CrazyCatQ8 said...

S E 7 E N said...
CrazyCatQ8 : shoota hehehehe nice ... then would you know whats a blow off valve and a booster control 9a7 ??
gair 3adi ??? niiiiice now thats impressive
it9abgeen ??

I knew that would make u laugh LOL
yes and yes ..
my 1st car was a carrera 911 97 also manual ( my baby) i changed the rims to 18' aaah they were beautiful .. changed the calipers to red ones ;) wel egzooz khalaita chrome aaah i feel like crying .. it was love at 1st sigt LOL bas kharabat-ha wayed .. min chetheeh be3t-ha :(

and latshayeshny 3ala so'alek el akheer plz hahahah

S E 7 E N said...

CrazyCatQ8 : don't worry mo ga3id ashyashich cause i don't race on the street ... i race on a track .. if you up to it 7ayach il ba7rain ;P