A Silly Game

They call it FOOTBALL, I call it WHATEVER BALL, SILLY BALL, or AYSHAY BALL. Football and I mean the real football which FYI IS NOT CALLED SOCCER its called FOOTBALL anyway the real game originated from the Ancient Greeks and the Romans where they have played many ball games and sometimes they even kicked it around with their feet. Then came the Japanese where they had their own version of football. But the real game that we know and play came from England and they do KICK THE BALL WITH THEIR FEET so it was called FOOTBALL.

Any way what brings up this subject is today is a Sunday so here in the States they play "FOOTBALL" on Sunday and Monday. My whole life I never cared to even watch a game or know the rules of this game so today there was a game on tv, I started watching and after the game I realised that I just wasted an hour and a half watching some shitty sport that has no meaning to it. All they do is throw the ball around with their hands and receive it with their hands and they only kick it when they start the game or get a touchdown or if they have to give the ball away. SO WHY DO THEY CALL IT FOOTBALL ????? the whole game is played with hands ??? They should of called it THROW BALL or EGG BALL ... what a DUMP game and what's even funnier is their season is only what 5 months a year and they have the SUPERBOWL and the team that wins becomes the world champion ?????? hahahaha world champion HOW MANY COUNTRIES play this game ??!!?

And they say FOOTBALL is for girls or gays ???? La walla SO PASSING THE BALL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS IS A MAN'S GAME hahaha

I'm sorry if this is gonna disrespect anyone but ITS A STUPID GAME.


desertpalms said...


plus they kinda copied rugby..idiots.

i also gont get baseball..its stupid..just play cricket ow khalas!! they cant invent theyre own games so they THEY HAVE TO STEAL THE IDEA FROM US (brits)..change a couple rules here and there and then give it an American name!

Anonymous said...

lmao, calm down dude ;p ..

u cracked me up..

i hate American football as well and never understood the reason behind naming it "foot"ball while as u said it's mainly played by hands !!

that just shows how dump they are : p

Anonymous said...

this is new to me!

FourMe said...

I think I just fell in love with you!!

THANK YOU! Why do they call it football?? and calling our game SOCCER that just makes me MAD not angry no MAD!! and no one wants to see FourMe MAD :/

MeeMzZ said...

CALM DOOOWN!!;P but you actually had a point there!!;p hehehe!!;p

S E 7 E N said...

desertpalms : from time to time i watch a basketball game its nice ... and yes they do steal ideas from US brits :P

Anonymous : they say cause they " KICK IT " only 3 times +/-

..::Amu::.. : hehehehehe

FourMe : madree 3anhoom .. hehehe i can imagine u getting mad :)

MeeMzZ : hehehe don't worry am ok ... bs sij they piss me off when the say yah football is a man's game

Anonymous said...

lol baseball not basketball..hence the cricket reference cuz theyre kinda similar =P

laaa u cant use 'us BRITS'..cuz ur not =P ur nt even a londoner pshhhtt !

FourMe said...

DP he's a londoner wannabe :p

S E 7 E N said...





FourMe said...

How many Mcdonaldes are there on oxford street? and don't use the internet to answer!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it too! Lesh they call it soccer wila football.. and about the Ancient Greeks.. I did not know that!

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : 4

twinklyworld : thats the thing i don't know ... i even asked around no 1 knows

Anonymous said...

se7en o5oy when u give up arguing with fourme just let me know :p btw i am at ur side .......

FourMe said...


Anonymous said...

thats a tricky one..cuz it depends on where you count ox street starts and ends

okay my question now =D:

what are the purple and yellow people on nearly every corner of every street of london and what do they do?

hehehehehe yalla good luck tryna google that one ;) !

FourMe said...

*jumps up and down* Can I answer?? Plzz let me answer I know the answeeeer :D

Anonymous said...

S E 7 E N: Once upon a time I was a londoner too so you better make sure this time you answer their question right ;p want me to google it for u :D

S E 7 E N said...

desertpalms : haha fine i don't know what they are , but not because am not a londoner its because i haven't been there for a while

FourMe : yah yah yaaaah you know only cause your there right know oo you saw them

..::Amu::.. : hehehe am changing from a Londoner to a TEXAN a7saan ... HOWDY PARTNER

Anonymous said...

theyve been there for a year or so now actually! =P i'll let FourMe enlighten you..

yalla its okaay..im gona adopt you as a londoner cuz im feeling nice =)

oww mo bas hathaa.laaa..im gona knight you as well..from now on..ur Sir Se7en-a-lot (DBE) =p

happy nowww? =D

Amu: id like to see you try and answer my questoion =P maraa7 tgdar! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Desert: I can answer them all bs just dont want to put you and Fourme down ;p

S E 7 E N said...

desertpalms : yeeeeeeeeeeeeees thank u thats my dream to be SIR ohhhhhhhh how i wish i can be a SIR for real,
and thats not a fair Q cause i haven't been in london for more than a year

..::Amu::.. : hehehehehehehe

Anonymous said...

in ur dreaams amu..in UR dreams =P

what a stupid thing to say..YALLA..if u know..then asnwer!

se7evn: stop complaining mate ..u said ask me ANY question and il answer it

and i think u shud stop being ungrateful or il take back ur status hahaha =P