Couple of days ago I was watching the military channel, and there was a program about the top 10 military helicopters ever made. It was a really nice show there are some videos of that show on YOUTUBE. What made me write this post was I started reading about helicopters, cause I never knew how they fly, they are really strange i do know a bit of aerodynamics and principle of flight cause i have couple of friends in Kuwait Airways and they did explain how a plane flies, but a helicopter never. Any way what i got from the Internet or what i understood was the blades rotate so fast they drag the air from the top oo push it to the ground and so it creates Lift, that's how the Heli hovers, and to move forward the blades tilts forward so it drags the air form the front and pushes it backward ..... tara am not sure la7ad yakhith ib kalamiii ....

I also know that AH-64 D APACHE LongBow is the baaaaaadest ever helicopter with all the guns and stuff on it oo what it does at night maaaaan its scary.

Anyway it got me reaaaaally excited with this program ile i started looking for a helicopter tours around my area ..... has any 1 of you been on 1 before ??? and if you did please tells me how does it feel like flying in 1 ???

and I also picked up some pics of the top 10 helicopter ever made ...

10) H-13 Sioux (Bell 47)

9) Focke-Achgelis FA 223 Drache (Dragon)

8) Lynx

7) CH-47 Chinook

6) Mil-24 Hind

5) OH-6 Cayuse

4) AH-1 Cobra

3) UH-1 Huey

2) UH-60 Blackhawk

1) AH-64 Apache


FourMe said...

#10 looks like its made out of lego!
#1 looks like a rabbit from the front!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

hathela ta7t baitna bl ma9afe6 ;Pp
meta ma u want a ride, let me know ;Pp

desertpalms said...

its an Amazing experience..u shud def chek it out and go try it =)

it was soooo much fun..bas i was really nervous cuz my friend was the pilot lol i dunno if i trusted him enough!!

so jus a lil tip..make sure u have an Experienced professional flying it lool

S E 7 E N said...

FourMe : ...... hehehehehe lego 3ad i wanna fly in that its looks wansa no doors .... hehehehehe rabbit enemies get scared from it

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : ...... hehehehehe inzain oo sayiqkoom i3arif isoogha walla bs ag3ad feehoom ?? ana abe a6eer akhithlii gazaa 3ala il b7ar :P

desertpalms : ..... really wow ur lucky i have to try it soon inshalla this weekend or next .... and for sure an experienced pilot i wana have fun not die :) but thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

good game, good game..u mancs tried your best..haha