Mercedes-Benz Cigarette 46' Rider Racing Boat

The Cigarette 46' Rider sports a pair of twin-turbocharged 552 cubic-inch Mercury Racing engines cranking out 1,350 horsepower each. Top speed is believed to be north of 130 mph, which is pretty insane for a seafaring vessel. This boat features AMG ALUBEAM silver paint, which was hand applied to cover the body like a "metallic skin." And the AMG logo was added using contrasting AMG Designo Mystic White metallic paint.

AMG and Cigarette started working on the new boat two years ago, Cigarette's Chief Marketing Officer Scott Preacher told Inside Line. "We were really inspired by the 563-horsepower lightweight aluminum SLS AMG," said Preacher. "It encouraged us to push the boundaries of technology." Preacher said more than 100 innovations can be found in the AMG Cigarette boat, including a redesigned bottom and a focus on cutting weight.

Preacher said Cigarette talked to four interested buyers this weekend, but said that the AMG boat is intended to serve as "our technology showcase," and that the inspired-by-AMG Cigarette will not be for sale until its worldwide tour ends. Preacher added that the all-new 46-foot Rider on which the boat is based is currently priced starting at $900,000, and takes four months to build to custom specifications.