Weird Shopping

I have a question to all you ppl ... Has any one of you ppl went out for coffee, lunch, dinner, to the gym, izwara and ending up walking to a shop and buy something expensive ?? for no reason what so ever ?? and when you walked out of the house you had no intention of buying anything or even shopping ??

Well i did today hehehe i got up early today morring ma3indy dawam il yoom makhith off ( to all ppl at work and school ) 7araaa am at home :P ... any way i went to the gym today oo after i was done on the way back home i stopped at a shop and i have been in that shop more than once the owners even know me by name and i was talking to salesmen about their new product and i asked them when will you be getting this THING and he said in APRIL inshalla and i was like what color he said black/white/red and i asked him ok what about this TYPE in BLACK he said hatha ib SEPT giltla ib chum he said BLAH KD .... aha ok here is my card take a deposit on it and i walked right out of the store ...... and now am sitting at home thinking whole shit i just bought this

Yah S E 7 E N real nice il 3alam ib economy crises oo you go out buying a new DUCATI for this much money ...... i just hope my dad won't kill me when he finds out :) .... anyway the good thing is it will get here in sept so i will have enough time to save up some money for it ...... WOOOOHOOO i just bought a SCARY bike :)


lollipop said...

mashalla wayed 7elo o 3laik bel3afya ,elmohem etkon mestanes ,ENJOY ur life !!! ;)

Ra-1 said...

زين في أحد نفسي !
آنا كله جذي ما أقرر
وإذا عجبني الشي على طول أشتريه ما أحب أفكر وأسأل وأستشير
LOL :)

عليك بالعافية وحط بالك

CrazyCatQ8 said...

if am happy i shop
if am sad i shop alot

etha bazoor a7ad .. i shop 1st
etha ba6la3 ma3a rab3ey lazim engoom 3egob en6eg fara bel soog TO SHOP ..

etha ga3da bel bait .. online shopping LOOOOOOOOOOOL

so i guess yeah .. this case is normal to me hahahahah

o 3alaik bel 3afyaaaa 9ara7a KHOOSH BIKE ;) and loved the color :P

3endek Bike salaf ? LOL

zuz said...

i do it all the time:S, o afales wag3ad 3la ebsa6 el fager:S:s..6b3an in my case not a bike:P it would be a bag or shoes or a 10000 kd dress:P, 3alek bel3afia!

Silver said...




ya36ek 5airha wyakfek sharha

Anonymous said...


dude aham shay ina u got ilee kan eb 5arik ..
it feels so damn good to get something that u saw and fell in love with !

allah ya36eek 5aira o yakfeek sharra inshallah : )

S E 7 E N said...

lollipop : mashkoora :)

Ra-1 : laaaaaaa walla mo zain 3igoob chum yoom tistaw3abeen ina sawety shay ghala6 ... oo wayed ghaly :)

CrazyCatQ8 : ok am happy i sleep ... am sad i speed .... i don't shop alot my clothes nafs'hoom ma ashtary ila once a year .... online hmmm just parts .... but if i walked into a place oo something i like ... agfil oo buy it no matter wat the price is ... bs bi7dood il ma3qool :)

zuz : hehehehe ana shakli bag3ad 3ala ib9a6 il fager weyach ... and i know allllll about you girls and bags, shoes, dresses & chocolates

Silver : thank yooooooou :)

Anonymous : thats the thing ma kan ib kha6ri i just walked in oo talked for 2 mints oo 7a6ee6 3alih deposit ... hathi il moshkila ... cause ppl do their homework before they buy anything expensive ana makooo H/W seeeeeda graduation ... and also thanx :)

azzurriya said...

for me It happens always. Recently I bought iphone when i was in dubai last weeks m3ana mo 7a6a feii baleii kelsh i didnt plan even to buy just happen suddenly.

so 3alaaaaik bel3afiya .. Enjoy it
o take care of urself I like the color bas i dont like it :) ITS REALLY DANGEROUS

CrazyCatQ8 said...

SE7EN : LOOL again 3alaik bel 3afyaaa :)

and check my blog .. 7a6ait el pics maloot my targets LOL

S E 7 E N said...

azzurriya : 3adi 3adi we all go crazy once in a while and buy something we don't need ... and i know bike are DANGEROUS ... but fun :)

CrazyCatQ8: :)

3aliya said...

daaaaaaaaamn se7en that thing is hooot!!;p

isn't that the Ducati 1098 Streetfighter unveiled?!;p if it is...YESSS IT IS!!;P it's around 4.000kd!! correct me if i'm wrong OMG!!! but it looks a whole lot sweeter and nastier than the Pre-launch Ducati’s 1098!! don't you just love the look of the The full banana water-cooled 1098 engine!! WOHOOOOOOOO i'm happy for you!!;p

NOO NOO if you buy and you are gonna face bigggg problems!!;p...

S E 7 E N said...

3aliya : yup that's the streetfighter .. And not its not 4000 kd for the 1098 its 5200 for the 1098 S its 6100 and that's why I have to wait till sept cause the S black doesn't come out till aug ..

And why are we gona face big problems ???

3aliya said...

really cause i just came back from america and it was around 14.000 dollars to 15.000 dollars i cant wait for the spring 2009...wohooo

yeaah but the black is better...GODDD I NEED TO SAVE MONEY!!;p

BECAUSE I'M JELOUSE!!;p no noo 7aram wallah 3alaik bil3afya!!:P...

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

yah yah yaaaaaah ;)


allah ya36eek 5airha oo yakfeek sharha =D

6ab3an mala da3y tgool ena awal gazza 7aggy, 9a7? ;Pp

S E 7 E N said...

3aliya : well this is kuwait everything is a bit expensive here ... and i do agree the black is better thats why am gona wait till aug oo not april ... and thenx :)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : mara7 itibarak lean itsoogeena :)

sexy_sour_sweet said...

May i get a Ride?
What Color is it?? PLEASE say Red!!

S E 7 E N said...

sexy_sour_sweet : sure il lafa in 1/4 dinar .... and noooo its not red thats why i have to wait till augest to get the black 1 :)

libero anima said...

whoooow mabrook :D
but do u know how to drive it ? :P

3aliya said...

zawee needs help!!;p goo see her question on my blog!!:P


S E 7 E N said...

libero anima : thanx ... hehehehe yah i do ... i've been riding bikes since i was 5 years old ;)

Bliss said...

Congrats! ^_^

Balqees said...

when i first reading the post and u were saying enou got somthing expensive i thought like maybe a t-shirt or shoes OR a wallet
but a BIKE !!!! U GOT A BIKE
a5eeeern there is someon worse then me
i'm so gna tell my dada about u
me 3al aql i get a bag shoes, but NOT A BIKE :P

S E 7 E N said...

Bliss : thanx :)

Balqees : hahahahahahaha yah i tend to do stupid shopping from time to time

Balqees said...

you know wt ..

i wna be ur shopping buddy :P
u seem like a really COOL person to shop with :P

Anonymous said...

as usual my comments missing again ;/

3laik bel3afiya :)

libero anima said...

thats kewl man !!! ..
u should see me ridding a motorcycle =p i look so funny =p
do u drive ely eb 4 tires ?

On-The-Rocks said...

ya36eek khaira oo yakfeeek sharra inshalla, mashalla il aswad 3ala il bike 3ajeeeb.. what you did is called 'impulse buying' in marketing, which means an unplanned or otherwise spontaneous purchase

L.R.643 said...

Wow, wht a thril!! o a7la shay bilmawtho3 kila inik kint raaaahy! cuz ur just one cool ducati-bike rider lol:p

Anonymous said...

hehehehh I’m even worse than you ,,,,, bil3afiah dear, hope you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

i just saw this..WA7SH dude WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA7SH! thats one hellofa sexy beast!

mabrook, ya36eek 5aira ow yakfeek shara

and its good to spoil ourselves once in a while ;) said...

loool .. awal shai mabrook .. !!

second el9ara7aaa it so amazing .. enjoy it .. i think it worth every moment ur on it =D