Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa TOP GEAR will be back on November 2nd can't wait i really love this show. Every 1 knows this show and if u don't its about car reviews but in a funny way and also the 3 commentators are idiots .... Jeremy Clarkson (POOOOOWER), Richard Hammond ( HAMSTER ), and James May ( CAPTAIN SLOW) & also The Stig .... they do all these kind of funny challenges like racing from London down to Monaco Jeremy by car and Hammond & May by a bus or a train, or crossing the English channel by there own built amphibious cars which all go wrong .... man i can't wait to see wat they did this time ... i read couple of reviews ina ppl saw then filming in America & Vietnam .....

and also according to the Mirror Jeremy crashed during filming [link], Hope hes really fine.

Also there r 2 other top gears watched 1 didn't like it and waiting for the other 1 and will see

1) Top Gear Australia ...... didn't like it
2) Top gear America


1)A new TOPGEAR will start at the end of this year TOP GEAR RUSSIA.
2) new DVD out called Clarkson Thriller .


FourMe said...

Why am I always first here?!

hMMmmmm fan of Top Gear and England!
I think I will fall for you soon :P

desertpalms said...

this is one of my fav shows! ive seeen like seriously every theyre jus repeats and startin to learn it off by heart now =P

i cannt stand watching the bugatti episode =( i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant its not fair. my ultimate dream..i just want ONE chance to drive it..isit too much to ask?

w ive met clarkson in real life =P i love that guy hes so funny

S E 7 E N said...

FM ..... khagalteeni :))))

DP ....... FAAIIIIR ... yiba kil wa7ed imid irooya 3ala gad il7afa hehehehehe ya3ni don't u think i want 1 akoo a7ad mayabi 1 ... u met him ur LUUUUCKY 1 of the 3 ppl i would love to meet in my life

Anonymous said...

ee and i told him i loved him ba3ad =P looooool he was taken aback..jus a lil hehe

nah i just want one RIDE..its doable...and ive set my heart on it so its gonna happen one day..i know it will =D

S E 7 E N said...

DP ...... hahahahha trust me i've had these dreamms LOTS OF THEM .... if it happens ur lucky if it doesn't its 3adii okk